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8 Essential Tips For School Fundraising

There's no denying that frugality is in fashion! As school budgets tighten, many leaders are turning to fundraising to raise extra money to provide educational resources, training opportunities and undertake marketing activities that reflect their school's premium brand.

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4 Smart Ways To Invest Your Marketing Budget In 2017

A good marketing strategy requires a plan of when, where, and how to invest your school's budget. For many schools, traditional marketing efforts like print advertising are a crutch: they're easy and familiar. However, these older marketing strategies are no longer the best place for schools to invest their budget as they are expensive options that offer little ROI.

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How To Negotiate Your School's Marketing Budget

As a school marketer, you're tasked with creating marketing magic on a shoestring budget and that's not easy! We realise that with more funding, the campaigns and brand promotion you could achieve would be even more fantastic, so what's the solution? Get more funding!

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The School Marketers Guide To Setting Goals For 2017

Setting marketing goals is one thing – but how do you actually stick to them? New Year's resolutions can sometimes feel like a repeated exercise in setting yourself up for disappointment. Let's make this year different. How you set your marketing goals might be just as important as what they are. Here are a few tips to help you market your school online and reach your 2017 school marketing goals.

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