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Case Study: Oakham School Website
Olivia Malaure

The Oakham School website is one of the most original and fresh independent school websites in the UK. Together with the team at Oakham School, Finalsite UK has created a school website which is inspirational, aspirational and characterful reflecting the school's online value proposition.

'Oakham School is an inspirational place, where opportunities abound, talent is nurtured and characters are formed.'

This website stands tall above its competitors and is an outstanding contribution to the digital footprint of the school. Samantha Rowntree, Director of Marketing and External Communications at Oakham School said, 'Our previous website had been designed in 2009 and we knew it was time for an update if we wanted our school brand to be perceived as fresh and contemporary.'

The Oakham School website features:

  • Interactive scrolling experience
  • Video gallery
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Password-protected portals
  • Oakham School Before and After

    The user journey is at the forefront of this immersive design and the site leaves an emotional impact on its visitors after only a short visit. The website's irresistible design is filled with persuasive calls to action. It moves prospective parents to view a digital prospectus and alumni to attend events and donate funds. The school also offers venue hire, and the website menu ensures this audience are promptly guided to the relevant pages.

    Prospective families are offered an experience that not just informs but entertains and delights with photography, videography and unique features including an animated arrow that playfully guides the audience to scroll down the page while serving them with a range of multimedia experiences.

    Current parents, students and staff can swiftly access a range of secure portals, including calendars and integrations such as Managebac and Moodle and the academic page hosts content that appeals to both current and prospective parents. Its strategic use of content marketing means that the website is more than just touch point in the buying journey of the prospective parent.

    We wanted a website that was responsive, easy to navigate and that had a strong focus on visual storytelling.' Says Samantha. For Oakham School, it was essential that the CMS was going to be easy for them to update. 'I had two training sessions and the opportunity to sit down with Head of Projects, Jess Clarke, who was very knowledgeable.'

    The partnership between Finalsite UK and Oakham School has resulted in a fun, sophisticated school website.

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