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Eagle Hill Southport School Casestudy: Bringing A Brand To Life

Eagle Hill Southport School (EHSS) is an independent day school in Southport, USA that specialises in educating children ages 6 - 15 with language-based learning difficulties, like Dyslexia, and ADHD.

The Need: Modern & On-Brand

After creating a new strategic plan and undergoing a complete rebranding, EHSS knew that its website needed to be drastically overhauled to not only align with its new objectives and branding but also to stay in line with current trends and be competitive.

The Approach: Interactive Elements

To achieve this, the page features an engaging full-screen video loop. Styling is clean, clear and distinctive. There is also a social media wall, which showcases up-to-date posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The school's news and athletics calendar are also showcased in sections on the home page.

Eagle Hill School Before and After

The Result: Reaching Families

The new website paints a picture of the warm and welcoming place that is EHSS. Emily Brady, Director of Development at EHSS, says that the new site is just what they were looking for. "The appearance is so clean and having the video content is very helpful. It's also very easy to find information and keep it timely. The CMS is just so easy to use, it's amazing."

The site's mobile compatibility has been a huge hit with families, says Emily, "It's so easy to use and a great way to get information out to our families. Parents seem to really like being able to access everything from their phones. They literally look at everything we send them from their phones, so it's a huge benefit that the site is responsive and mobile-friendly."

Emily also says that now that the website is perfect, the marketing team can take their strategy a step further and pursue other digital marketing strategies to reach even more families. "We are now starting to undergo some major digital marketing efforts. We wanted to make sure that our website was perfect before we did that, and now it is, so we can pursue that next level."


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