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Make The Most Of FinalsiteU-London: Tips From A Seasoned Conference Goer!
Olivia Malaure and Meredith Kaplan

FinalsiteU (for university!) is an internationally renowned conference born in the US and making its European debut in the UK this October. It offers school professionals the opportunity to learn best practices and gain valuable insight about digital marketing. It's also an opportunity to get inspired by your peers and find out what the future holds for school admissions, enrolment and education technology. Right now, you may be wondering what makes this conference different to others and why we are so passionate about FinalsiteU...there is only one way to find out and that's to register!

We promise this event will be full of fun, facts and future leaders. Look out for brightly clad, cheerful Finalsite employees, endless tea and cake (and cookies for our visiting American colleagues!), and forward thinking, number crunching, trendsetting presentations from Finalsite's CEO & Founder Jon Moser and Chief Strategy Officer Daniel Clarke.

With just one month to go, here at Finalsite UK HQ there is a buzz to be reckoned with! Soon the buzz will fill the space at Lady Eleanor Holles School in London and as one of Britain's highest achieving schools, it's a fitting place for this event debut.

Senior Client Success Manager and seasoned conference goer, Meredith Kaplan offers her advice and insider tips on how to make the most out of your FinalsiteU-London conference experience.

Food For Thought

Be sure to catch the shuttle bus over to campus each day and take advantage of the breakfast at the Lensbury Hotel. The food is delicious and you'll need the energy to feed your brain as you're being flooded with amazing new ideas to implement on your website when you're back!

Be Prepared For A Light-Bulb Moment

Don't miss Jon Moser's Keynote Session Wednesday morning! There's always light-bulb moment. Not only is it a great way to kick off the conference, but Jon usually reveals an exciting product update or two and insight into the future of edtech when it comes to school marketing.

Join The Revelers

Attend as many social activities as possible. You never know the connections you'll make and idea-sharing that comes out of a more casual atmosphere. I will never live down the one year I skipped the welcome reception and not to mention FOMO (fear of missing out) ever since!

Say Yes To Screen-Time

Multiple devices are encouraged. A laptop or iPad/tablet a necessity, but disconnect from work and personal email as much as possible during the sessions. I know how hard it is with deadlines and daily responsibilities, but really commit the time and mental space to the website and software tools/best practices.

Be Our Guest

Be sure to stop by the help desk and ask us your questions about strategy and best practices. We'll have specialists on hand to answer your questions about social media, SEO PPC. You're welcome to bring specific questions about your school website for us to solve!

Finalsite U

Connect With Us

Try to connect with your Client Success Manager (account rep), even if it is just to say hi. We would love to meet you in person and sit down with you to go through your website, perhaps do a website audit on the spot or talk through any ideas you have! Our Project Managers will also be in attendance and they'd love to put a face to the name from their successful launches!

Sharing Is Caring

Hashtag us, post photos, spread the social love using #FinalsiteU. I love reading snippets — or, as I stole from my brother who produces movie trailers, "snackables" — from the conference. By snackables, we mean tweets and bite-sized content that we can all share and enjoy in an instant.

Bring Your Own Ideas

Lastly, give us feedback (please!). So many product updates have come from client feedback alone. There is strength in numbers if multiple delegates are sharing the same opinion. And remember to review each session you attend. Your feedback helps us improve our sessions for next year to ensure you make the most of the conference. Positive feedback is encouraged! You make someone's day, as we might not be aware of it.



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