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[New Feature] Publications for Posts
Lauren Barth

Publications is a new add-on feature for the Posts module that allows schools to manage, organise and share great content with a beautiful design, such as a quarterly alumni magazine, or student newspaper. While schools may have many active news and blog "feeds" on their sites, presenting content in these date-delimited containers is a nice way to allow website visitors to easily consume active and archived content.

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  • Organise publications into volumes and issues
  • Add thumbnail images of each issue and publication for extra visual appeal
  • Setup a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence
  • Automatically publish on a specific date and time
  • Works hand-in-hand with Posts to allow for multiple content contributors and editors


Creating newsletter templates in eNotify is a great way to keep your constituents, especially parents, in the loop on what's happening on campus: key events,sports news, important form deadlines, and so on. Publications is a way to curate great content, and present it in a visually appealing way. A publication should be centered around a specific theme, and should be used to engage and delight users into visiting, and sticking around on, your website.


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