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Software Update, 12/16
Justin Ober

Hello, everybody

We're back with another Software Update!

This week's release has a number of improvements for modules all across the Finalsite slate. We've got new features, new enhancements, and some bug fixes - all in all a pretty good update with a lot to like!

One of the enhancements that caught my eye was the ability to restrict the visibility of an entire Board in Finalsite Posts to members of a particular role. Individual posts have already had a targeting feature that doesn't hide posts, but rather selectively shows posts to targeted users. This new feature operates at the Board level, and it's a filter not a highlight mechanism, so any posts made to a Board with a role filter applied would only be visible to members of the selected role(s).

An accessibility update to News and Calendar elements in Composer may be of particular interests to admins at public schools and districts: when viewed with an assistive device such as a screen reader, the "Read More" links after a Calendar event or News post will now reference the specific event / article titles so as to make their targets more clear.

We've also fixed some issues with link behavior in Forms and Registration Manager, and rolled out a number of tweaks, enhancements and fixes in other modules, so be sure to check out the full list below.

And if we don't see you for a bit, all of us in Development, QA and Support who work on this blog are hoping you have a relaxing and joyful holiday!


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing "Read More" links from appearing in Posts elements unless the "Link Title to Post Details" checkbox was also selected
  • Firefox users should now be able to edit Collections settings reliably
  • You can now restrict entire Boards to be visible only to logged-in members of certain roles (e.g., setting a "Faculty Announcements" blog to be visible only to members of the "Faculty & Staff" role when they are logged into the site.) Previously we had relied on page-level restriction settings in Composer to achieve this effect; this update will not impact any sites currently using that approach.
  • When a Post element is set to link to a page, but no specific page is selected, users will now be taken to the Default Board Post Page for that post's board
  • The Post Tools > Navigation element has received a stern lecture and sincerely promises that it will now respect the Content Filter settings of its linked Post element, rather than showing whatever posts it feels like


  • When using the "Bulk Publish" feature, you will no longer have the option of publishing child pages without also publishing their parent page. This had been possible previously, but going forward the "Bulk Public" tool will automatically select unpublished parents when unpublished child pages are selected.
  • The "Read More" links on News and Calendar elements have been updated to enhance their accessibility by identifying each link's purpose, in line with ADA guidelines; the links will now reference the title of the News or Calendar items they target ("Read More about [Title]...")
  • Fixed a styling bug that was cropping up when editing the settings of some elements
  • Published pages will no longer revert to an unpublished state when they are re-ordered via dragging-and-dropping
  • Calendar elements will now consistently show the "Event" section in the settings for all element subtypes
  • Users can now subscribe for alerts from only the calendars they are looking at in a filtered view

Constituent Manager

  • Fixed the "Verify" link associated with SMS-enabled mobile phones on the "Subscriptions" tab of constituent profiles (this link had been working only from the "Profile" tab)

Forms Manager

  • Corrected several related issues regarding using links in forms. Links will now work consistently in form notification emails, and links added to forms should no longer cause errors.

Registration Manager

  • Similar to Forms Manager, links in Registration confirmation emails should now work as expected

Finalsite Learn Dashboard

  • Activity Stream update emails will now retain their original styling rather than displaying in an unbroken block of text

Finalsite Learn Attendance

  • Attendance admins can now close 'Open' attendance records from the summary screen, without having to click into the individual student records

Finalsite Learn Calendar

  • Email alerts for Finalsite Learn calendar items are now styled to make them prettier and easier to read

Finalsite Learn Gradebook

  • Finalsite Learn admins can now see student grades and grade reports from the "Find My Student" view
  • "Late" labels will now appear on the gradebook for any student assignments uploaded to Dropboxes behind schedule


  • Enhanced checksum verification to ensure that all expected records are included after all transformations


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