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Software Update Blog, 11/10

Hello, everyone!

Finalsite has been focused on our continuing project to serve all site pages over HTTPS by default. As a result, we pushed October's regular site updates into one supersized release this week.

Support has heard from and worked with a number of Posts users during the back-to-school season, and Development has integrated your feedback into the module. Many of this week's updates smooth off some rough edges that users uncovered as they adopted Posts. For schools using Posts to power teacher pages, you can now link a single Board element to multiple Post elements. We've also cleaned up automatic tag handling, updated the language in alert notifications, and streamlined how the Composer elements work. Take a look at these and other details in the breakout list below.

We are currently rolling out our updated HTTPS conversion process on a limited scale, analyzing the results, and refining the plan for wider release. We'll deploy the next phase of the HTTPS project when that's done, with the remainder of the regular site updates to follow. Keep reading for all of the details on this week's update. Watch for Admin Notices about the progress of the HTTPS conversion.


  • Group Permissions has now been released in Posts!
  • Posts will automatically delete unused tags. If you mistype a tag and remove it from a post, that mistyped tag will no longer hang around cluttering up your auto-suggest results. When you update the post without that tag associated, the tag will be deleted.
  • Posts elements will only display Posts if the element is either configured to display posts from some combination of Boards and Collections, or if it is linked to another Posts element - it's no longer possible to save a Posts element and have it display content without being configured. If you are actively using posts, you may want to double check your element settings on any pages in which Posts elements open.
  • You can now configure the element to open each post in its own Board's default page by setting the element to open links in a new page, and then not selecting a page. If a post is not clickable, be sure the post's board has a default page set in Board Settings.
  • You can now link a Board element ("Single" sub-type) to multiple Post elements. (This is especially useful when configuring teacher pages!)
  • Alerts sent out when new Posts are saved will no longer reference the "Board," or even say "Alert," as this terminology is more confusing than helpful for many schools. Those messages will now refer to a "New Post."
  • Preview will now work for future Publications.


  • Feeds elements will now work as expected from within a Tab element.

Site Search

  • Redirect pages will no longer be included in search results.


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