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A scalable software platform for all budgets.

Recruit students, help parents stay connected, and empower your staff to easily update content with premium communications products and tools.

Award-winning designers bringing your school to life online.

Schools love how Finalsite finds what makes them unique and translates that into an authentic digital experience.

School marketing experts at your service.

Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

Improve School-to-Home Communications with Password-protected Portals.

Portals provide a safe and secure place for your community to access information that's just for them on every device.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

A best-of-breed approach to give you the "all in one" solution you need.

We focus on the critical function of marketing and communication, while leveraging relationships and integrations with 70+ partners to provide a more seamless experience between the school and your constituents.

A team of 200, Finalsite has been serving schools worldwide for 20 years.

Our business has been for and about schools since the beginning, which is why 95% of clients stay with us year over year.

Save Time and Enhance Data Integrity

Our secure integrations with popular MIS providers mean you can replace timely manual data uploads with our automatic transfers for a seamless solution.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

Social Media Marketing Services for Schools

Social media ad management, campaign management and audits for schools.

Don't Social Harder. Social Smarter.

Even if you *love* the role of managing your school's social media, you've got lots of other things on your plate and there's no way you can stay as current as you'd like. Lean on us to provide the guidance or execution that gets you closer to the perfect balance of social media practices for your goals, market, and school culture.

Social Media Audit for Schools

Which posts get the most engagement? How to you compare to your competitors? Where should you focus your efforts? We’ll tell you with an in-depth social media audit.

The Audit Includes:

  • An audit of your school’s presence to date
  • A competitor analysis of up to 3 peers’ social operations
  • A brand reputation profile
  • A one-on-one follow-up session and review of recommendations
  • A guide to social media engagement for schools


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Social Media Advertising

Extend your social media reach and improve engagement with our team of social media experts.

Boosting posts on Facebook is the tip of the social media advertising iceberg, as these platforms continue to build out sophisticated targeting, placement, and feature options.

There are powerful new ways to target the right audience at the right time, generate more leads, increase website traffic, improve brand recognition, and prove ROI. We’ll help you make the most of your online ad spending with data-backed decisions about where, when, and how to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, while at the same time keeping your school current on social media and helping drive traffic back to your website.


Social Media Account Management

How many hours a week do you spend on social media for the school? Do you have better things to do? 

For a fraction of the price of a dedicated social media specialist (and without the high turnover typical to these positions), we’ll do the blocking and tackling that take up so much of your time. You remain in control while we execute the majority of your social media work.


Wondering About Cost? We thought so.

Like every consulting engagement, pricing will depend on the scope and scale of the work.

Our social media offerings range from a monthlong audit process to intensive year-round account management, so we really do need to talk through your needs before settling on the right partnership. Let's talk!




Social Media Impressions

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Monthly Social Media Post Engagements

From likes, to comments, and shares, individuals interact with social media posts Finalsite helps schools strategise and create.


Client Retention

Schools who choose Finalsite for social media marketing services, stay with Finalsite.


Total Monthly Link Clicks

Across all Finalsite-managed campaigns from September 2016 through today.


Average Cost per Link Click

On social media platforms Finalsite, Instagram and Twitter.

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