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Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

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Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

Independent School Web Design Portfolio

Our design team deeply understands how to position your school in your competitive market to stand out. From an in-depth discovery process to innovative design concepts, the web designs we've created for independent schools for the last 20 years have their own unique flare, surprises, and hundreds of "ooh" and "ahh" moments.

Felsted school homepage screenshot displayed in iphone and laptop

The bold and immersive Felsted website represents our third collaboration with the school to bring their online presence to life. Every iteration has pushed creative boundaries and this one is no different. The website has recently received a Platinum award for excellence in design at the 2018 international dotCOMM Awards.


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Charterhouse School Website

Nothing short of iconic, Charterhouse is one of the great historic public schools of England steeped with fascinating history and outstanding academic excellence. Home to 820 pupils from around the globe, the school has created a website that covers all its communication and branding needs.


MORE INFO about Charterhouse
canford school homepage screenshots displayed in a laptop and iphone

With high-impact use of stunning photography, slideshows and videos, this redesigned website wows from the homepage onwards, and we gain a real insight into the feel of the campus


MORE INFO about Canford
notre dame school homepage screenshot displayed in laptop and iphone

The Notre Dame home page delivers maximum visual impact, showcasing a banner slideshow of the school’s outstanding grounds and facilities. The photo-driven grid menu allows for easy, direct navigation while the infographics highlight the school’s impressive statistics.


MORE INFO about Notre Dame School

What Our Clients Say

"In my experience, the capabilities offered by Finalsite have not been bettered on price, quality and service. Indeed, their customer focused attitude is second to none. Their service is always of the highest quality."

Caroline Bradburn, Marketing Manager
Stowe Valley Academy Trust

"Our new website was completely worth the investment. Six months on from launch, the number of sessions per month increased by 40%. We can do so much more with our website now, the increased functionality benefits both the school and its end users. I'm very pleased with the final result. It was a lovely project to oversee and deliver."

Jessica Cotton, Director of Marketing and External Relations
Kingham Hill

"With the help of Finalsite’s team, we increased applications by 40% and new student enrolment increased by 37%"

Amanda McDevitt, Director of Marketing and Communications
St.Thomas School

"Our redesign goal was to effectively engage current and prospective families. Since the redesign we’ve seen a 30% increase in traffic to our admissions page."

Wendi Patella, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications 
Peddie School



"Since the site has been redesigned, feedback from parents, pupils and governors has been incredibly positive. The parents feel the site is easy to navigate and they love the modern and sleek look. The site will certainly engage our school community. The training received has enabled the school to have full control over the site, to help us keep it up to date and relevant."  

Anika Hargie, Deputy Head
Wormholt Park Primary School

Independent School Web Design Portfolio

charterhouse homepage screenshot in iphone
charterhouse school homepage screenshot

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Nothing short of iconic, Charterhouse is one of the great historic independent schools of England steeped with fascinating history and outstanding academic excellence. Home to 820 pupils from around the globe, the school has created a website that covers all its communication and branding needs. Determined to use the website platform’s technology to its full potential, the school takes advantage of a secure Parent Portal enabling parents to log-in to view specific content relevant to their children – from reports and grades to examination information to essential documents and policies.  In addition, the site also houses a dedicated Parents’ Area with a clear and easy-to-navigate grid layout linking to the most popular areas for parents. The school’s impressive Video Gallery gives an impeccable insight into school life and its educational principles, with engaging and excellently produced video content, essential in engaging their prospective and existing parents.

More Info about Charterhouse
harrow school homepage screenshot in iphone
harrow school

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One of Britain’s most prestigious schools encapsulating tradition, global recognition and a pioneering education, Harrow School’s ethos is “to measure success not by grades but by one’s influence on the world”.

To experience Harrow is to see Harrow, and thus the interactive map reveals the school’s outstanding grounds, and features each of the Boarding Houses along with a short introduction of the Housemasters. With inspiration being at the core of Harrow, its distinctive alumni page promotes some of its famous former pupils, taking emotional engagement to a new level by showcasing biographical profiles that also reveal a childhood photo of their time at Harrow. Aware of the interest in Harrow’s legacy, the school created a dedicated page to the Old Speech Room Gallery, appealing to academics and members of the public who are interested in the rich history of the school.

The task of designing a website to reflect the vast qualities and unique intricacies of this school is not one to be underestimated and Harrow excels at creating visually attractive and interactive quick links to help steer their visitors seamlessly.


More Info about Harrow School
canford school homepage screenshot in iphone
canford school homepage screenshot

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Set in stunning Dorset grounds and featuring grand classical architecture alongside abundant modern facilities, pupils enjoy an environment The Good Schools Guide aptly describes as one that “fizzes with activity from dawn till dusk”.  With high-impact use of stunning photography, slideshows and videos, this redesigned website wows from the homepage onwards, and we gain a real insight into the feel of the campus. Visitors can engage with the interactive school map, visit the extensive school history and archives, while Canford’s community engagement commitments both at home and through their international charity partnerships are supported through online donation and enterprise pages.  The parents portal adds a tailored environment where current families can engage on a much more personalised level.


More Info about Canford
st lawrence college homepage screenshot in iphone
st lawrence college homepage screenshot

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St Lawrence

With over 600 pupils from 3 to 18 years including boarders and a diverse international community, the school commits to providing a secure and culturally diverse family atmosphere, where each pupil can attain their personal best academically. St Lawrence College prides itself on its safe, spacious surroundings as well as its cutting-edge facilities and architecture, which exist alongside the more traditional and late nineteenth century buildings. The website too is a seamless hybrid of tradition and modernity with a design and navigation that meets the needs of its diverse visitors.

Taking care not to disturb a clean visitor journey, St Lawrence takes advantage of a non-intrusive, collapsible notice, which blends into the homepage delivering essential prompts whilst respecting the visitor’s purpose. One of its most striking and innovative features is its branded Google map tour, which displays local landmarks and airports for international families. The school identified the value of designing Senior and Junior landing pages with engaging and tailored content in the form of fast facts and statistics. Attuned to the day-to-day needs of parent visitors the school created a dedicated Parents Resources Hub providing a quick and easy place for parents to find their most sought-after content.

More Info about St Lawrence College
dulwich prep london homepage screenshot in iphone
dulwich prep london school homepage screenshot

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Renowned for excellence and for preparing its boys with a clear and structured, values-based education, the Dulwich Prep website has an innovative design and includes a unique metro grid layout mirroring the school’s ethos and supportive learning environment. Any visitor to the site can navigate easily and instantly connect with the school’s exceptional education principles. With a clear understanding of the importance of vibrant, mobile-first design, the grid layout lends itself perfectly to remote access ensuring existing and prospective parents and stakeholders can view and navigate the site across any device and still experience the school’s intended sense of branding. Nothing speaks to your audience more than visuals and Dulwich excels at leading their visitors with a compelling photo-driven menu and related page quick links throughout the site.

More Info about Dulwich Prep
dulwich college homepage screenshot in iphone
dulwich college homepage screenshot

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Drawing in on its 400th anniversary, steeped in history, prestige and academic excellence, it is no wonder that Dulwich College remains a popular global choice.  Offering learning from the very outset at 6 months in their ‘Ducks’ kindergarten, through to A-Levels in the senior college, Dulwich’s website is clearly navigable into the three different age categories of the school, each colour-branded. An extensive Alumni dropdown also gives the visitor a flavour of life after school for ‘Old Alleynians’.  Winner of a Gold Hermes Creative Award, this refreshingly designed site’s subtle sticky header, multimedia visuals, and simple, elegant layouts beautifully exhibit life at the South London campus, and make for an exciting, vibrant user experience. Featuring quick-link driven pages and best practices throughout, it’s easy to find your way to the many facets of school life and beyond at this world-renowned institution.  

More Info about Dulwich College
roedean school homepage screenshot in iphone
roedean school homepage screenshot

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Dramatically located on Brighton’s cliff side with sweeping sea views, ISI inspectors have described 440-pupil strong Roedean as a school of “outstanding creativity”, and an “all-round education and experience”.  The photo-driven homepage design and visually expressive fonts throughout the website bring the school’s holistic ethos to life, while the social media-linked header assists in their outreach to the public community. Colour-branded filterable news boxes take us on mini journeys into different corners of school life, from sports to drama, music to community action. Sidebar links allow for easy navigation, while featured testimonials add a personal touch to the Roedean web experience.

More Info about Roedean

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