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Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

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School Web Design Portfolio

Explore some of our most innovative designs and favourite work.

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Browse Finalsite's Design Portfolio

Finalsite launches an average of 300 new websites per year, and we currently work with more than 2,200 schools around the globe — meaning you're viewing a very small percentage of our work in the portfolio below.

Below is a sampling of some of our best design work for independent schools, MATs, international schools. Using the drop-down menus below, you can search by "type of school," such as independent UK.

Finalsite's dynamic and intuitive online portfolio is powered by the Finalsite Posts module.

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suffield public schools homepage screenshot in iphone
wyandotte school homepage screenshot

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Wyandotte Public Schools is a district serving students in Wyandotte, Michigan since 1856. It's made up of four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, as well as three centers for students with special needs. The district's new website features a striking, cohesive design with:

  • A streamlined user experience across its individual school and center pages
  • Social media integration on the homepage using Finalsite Feeds
  • A searchable faculty and staff directory
  • Engaging animations and so much more!
  • District
More Info about Wyandotte Public Schools
yes prep school district homepage screenshot in iphone
yes prep public schools homepage screenshot

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YES Prep Public Schools is made up of nineteen campuses across Houston, TX serving over 14,000 students from 6th grade through 12th grade. Seeking a more intuitive and user-friendly website experience for current and prospective families, YES Prep chose Finalsite for its easy-to-use CMS and ability to provide an ADA-compliant, mobile-friendly design. YES Prep's new custom design fulfilled these goals: 

  • Primary and secondary menu navigation is easy for users to follow.
  • Infographics and design elements on the homepage break up the text and provide a visually-pleasing experience. 
  • Recent News, Announcements, and Blog posts are featured in a slider on the homepage to encourage families to learn more about the school's values.  
  • Consistent branding throughout the website helps to maintain the school's professionalism and sheds light on its dedication to excellence. 
  • Charters
More Info about Yes Prep Public Schools
georgia cyber school homepage screenshot in iphone
Georgia Cyber School homepage screenshot

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Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) is an online charter school serving 11,000 students across the state of Georgia. The tuition-free school has the "benefits of a traditional brick and mortar school without the building," offering live classes and online lessons at elementary, middle and high school levels. 

For an online school especially, a solid and efficient Learning Management System is an essential. GCA uses Finalsite Learn to assist in a seamless online experience for its current students. The new custom design also has a searchable faculty directory, a filterable news and announcements section, quicklinks, and more!

  • Charters
More Info about Georgia Cyber Academy
community high school district 155 homepage screenshot in iphone
community high school district 155 homepage screenshot

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Community High School District 155 includes four comprehensive high schools and one alternate education campus, with more than 6,000 students enrolled. Community High School District 155 in Crystal Lake, IL recently won "Best School Website" during the 2019 IAC Awards — judged by leaders at companies like Google, Mastercard, and Hewlitt Packard.

Their new custom website is fully accessible thanks to the implementation of AudioEye's auto-remediation technology and toolbar, and features numerous assets to share the district's story and improve school-to-home communications, including:

  • Infographics on the homepage and individual school pages
  • A streamlined user experience and design across all six individual school sites
  • Simplified, accessible calendaring News with subscriptions and alerts
  • Integrated social media, and more!
More Info about Community Consolidated High School District 155
davis school district homepage screenshot in iphone
Davis School District homepage screenshot

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Davis School District is a large school district in Farmington, Utah that serves more than 72,000 students across 92 schools. In an effort to improve school-to-home communications for its large community, Davis School District worked with Finalsite to build a website that engages and informs prospective and current families.

The district's new custom design is jam-packed with features that improve the user experience, including an intuitive mega navigation, an organized "Select a School" drowndown menu, quicklinks, easy access to news, calendars, infographics, embedded video, and more.

And, even with the district's size, each of the 92 schools in their district have their own website that mirror's the district's main design, complete with their own colors, branding, and content.

More Info about Davis School District
shawnee mission school district homepage screenshot in iphone
shawnee mission school district

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Shawnee Mission School District is the third-largest district in Kansas, serving more than 27,000 students and 4,300 employees. With a vast and diverse community spread across 14 cities, improving school- to-home communications and brand was a top priority. According to the district, the biggest improvement has been that Finalsite’s Content Management System is so easy to use, and the design is so much more current and impressive than before. “It communicates the level of excellence the Shawnee Mission School District maintains,” said Shawna Samuel, Director of Communications. With big goals in mind, SMSD worked closely with Finalsite to launch a custom district website, and another 44 individual school websites in six months. With an improved design and user experience, the new site is a true representation of the district’s brand.

“Finalsite collaborated with us to solve some challenging problems we had. They were great to work with, and we could not have done this without them.”

Shawna Samuel, Director of Communications

More Info about Shawnee Mission School District
mankato homepage screenshot in iphone
mankato area public schools homepage screenshot

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Mankato Area Public Schools (MAPS) in Mankato is home to a growing, diverse population of 8,500 students and 2,400 employees. Ranked as the #1 school district in Minnesota by Niche.com, Mankato Area Public Schools came to Finalsite looking to build a website that would be a reflection of their excellence.

Their new custom website is fully accessible thanks to the implementation of AudioEye's auto-remediation technology and toolbar, and features numerous assets to improve marketing and communications, including:

  • Infographics on the homepage and individual school pages
  • A streamlined user experience across all 20 individual school sites
  • Simplified, accessible calendaring
  • News with subscriptions, embedded social media feeds, and more!
More Info about Mankato Area Public Schools
wilton public schools homepage screenshot in iphone
wilton public schools homepage screenshot

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Wilton Public Schools was ranked #2 in the state of CT by Newsweek, and #5 in the state by Niche. A top-performing district brings in families who expect top-notch communications, which is why this small Connecticut-based district chose to work with Finalsite. “We moved to Finalsite and the user-friendly website has made it easy to keep our website current over time. Our school webmasters like the many options for design templates such as the layouts, accordions and other user interfaces that allow us to keep our pages clean, user-friendly and appealing," said Fran Kompar, the districts Director of Digital learning. Learn more about Wilton's redesign story here.

More Info about Wilton Public Schools
rowan salisbury school system homepage screenshot in iphone
rowan-salisbury school system homepage screenshot

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Rowan-Salisbury School System is a large school district in Salisbury, North Carolina educating nearly 20,000 students across 35 schools. With an Apple device 1:1 program and an academic program that fosters growth and success, Rowan-Salisbury is a district on the cutting edge — and they needed a website to prove that in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Rowan-Salisbury School System took home an award for their district’s website in 2018. The district’s website was awarded Gold in the NCSPRA (the North Carolina Chapter for NSPRA) annual awards in the Digital Engagement Category. According to Mark Steelman, the district’s webmaster at the time of the website redesign, the new, award-winning website came from a need to control their brand and message.

“Public schools are facing more funding issues and more competition, which means our website is more important than ever. We felt we needed to take more control of our own image. We are an amazing district, and we wanted to do a better job of communicating that,” he said.

Keeping that in mind, the district put an emphasis on marketing the accomplishments of the district. Their new website features an infographic, news highlights, and section focused on alumni accomplishments — all intended to reinforce the positive aspects of the district.

More Info about Rowan-Salisbury School System
Pine Lake Preparatory
Pine Lake Preparatory School homepage screenshot

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Pine Lake Preparatory School (PLP) is a K-12 charter school in Mooresville, North Carolina. Established in 2006, the tuition-free school aims to "prepare students for college and a purposeful life." PLP chose Finalsite to convey this mission to its community in a responsive, easy-to-navigate website. Some neat features include:

  • A rolling scroll of alumni college emblems on the homepage to emphasize PLP's success in preparing students for college.
  • Social media integration to highlight student's projects and successes.  
  • A searchable faculty and staff directory that provides families with an intimate look into the many academic successes surrounding PLP's community. 
  • Charters
More Info about Pine Lake Preparatory
rochester public schools homepage screenshot in iphone
rochester public schools homepage screenshot

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Rochester Public Schools in Rochester, Minnesota knew that when they redesigned their website, they weren't just looking for a website vendor, but a true partner — which explains why they chose Finalsite as their new website provider. The district's website team was savvy, and worked closely with their Finalsite deployment team to launch a custom district website (and 27 individual custom school websites) on an aggressive timeline. And the result is spectacular!


  • Embedded video not just on the homepage, but on every individual school website
  • "Select a school" dropdown in the top left corner of the website
  • Simple, easy-to-use navigation
  • Expanding "search" element with quick access to top-hit pages
  • Stunning branding and design on each individual school website, like John Marshall High School
  • And more!
More Info about Rochester Public Schools
bethel college mobile site
bethel college homepage

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Bethel College, a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana that draws students from all around the world, switched from an open source solution, MODX, to Finalsite in August of 2018. Within a few months of making the change, there were a number of positive results."Finalsite played a role in increasing the number of people taking actions [scheduling a visit, applying to the college, and requesting information] we want them to take through the website," says Susan Miller, Director of Web Strategy at the school. Alumni engagement has also increased. Miller credits the website as it has, "provided more opportunities to connect with alumni and made it easier to register and attend events." You can read the full case study here.

More Info about Bethel College
boys' latin of philadelphia charter school homepage screenshot in iphone
boys' latin of philadelphia homepage screenshot

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Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School provides secondary education for 800 students grades 6-12. Founded in 2007, Boys' Latin of Philadelphia's mission is to provide college preparatory education for underserved boys. 

The school's custom website features a video on the homepage, an infographic with fast facts about the school, a panel with news and announcements, and a scrolling testimonial panel with inspiring quotes from alumni. 

  • Charters
More Info about Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School
spring lake park schools homepage screenshot in iphone
Spring Lake Park Schools homepage screenshot

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Spring Lake Park Schools in Spring Lake, MN educates more than 6,000 students across 7 schools. Spring Lake Park Schools' brand is all about its community and their site does a great job communicating this. They opted to have a site which visually focuses on individuals, using its people to draw in the viewer. With vivid photography, community testimonials, embedded social media and more, this district's new site reaches its goal of marketing to its prospective community, while still informing its current community.

More Info about Spring Lake Park Schools
Ellington Public Schools
Ellington Public Schools

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Ellington Public Schools is a small school district in Ellington, CT, whose core values include big heart/small town, innovation, mindfulness, global connectedness, and growing learners/growing leaders. They wanted a site that helps highlight the great teaching/learning that is happening. We are competing with magnet schools that seem to have more of a draw; we need to highlight student life in Ellington. With that, they wanted social mashups as the key to making the site more vibrant and providing changing content. Using a custom design for the Finalsite Feeds module, they highlight students and faculty daily rather than simply providing information, which drives more traffic to the site.

Ellington's website also received a website received the top website award acknowledgment — Communicator of Distinction — and an honorable mention for their social media presence in the 2016 CABE Awards.

  • Award-Winner
More Info about Ellington Public Schools
wayzata public schools homepage screenshot in iphone
wayzata public schools homepage screenshot

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When Wayzata Public Schools entered the website redesign process, they were looking for a provider who could create a design that accurately reflected their brand. Their previous website “felt patched together,” and didn’t align with who they were as a district. By working with Finalsite, they created a custom web experience that informs and engages their prospective and current communities. Nearly 50% of Wayzata Public School’s website traffic was coming from mobile, which means they wanted to use this redesign strategically. “We wanted to reimagine our website and be forward thinking in how we wanted our stakeholders to engage with our website, email and social media for the next few years,” said Andrew.

“In four redesigns in two districts, I’ve never experienced such a smooth process. Finalsite laid out a timeline, envisioned our goal almost immediately, and gave us the tools that helped us be strategic in what and how content was placed on pages.”

Andrew Hagan, Communications Specialist

More Info about Wayzata Public Schools
dare county homepage screenshot in iphone
dare county schools homepage screenshot

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Dare County Schools is ranked as one of the best districts in the state of North Carolina. Educating more than 5,000 students across 11 schools nestled on the shores of the Outer Banks, this well-accoladed district partnered with Finalsite to create a website that reflects their story of innovation, community, connectedness, and aspirations. Dare County School’s website project began with an “envisioning tour” — a process led by the district’s superintendent to understand the hopes, dreams, and desires of the entire community for their children, future — and even their website. After meeting with 1,500 people, Dare County Schools re-branded and then partnered with Finalsite to execute a website that reflected the quality and innovation the district is known for. When Dare County Schools was in its decision stage of selecting a website vendor, two important factors came into play quickly: expertise and customer service. “Finalsite’s websites look the best — but more importantly, during the process we were treated with quality customer service. It was personal, and made us feel like we were part of a family.”

More Info about Dare County Schools
frensham school homepage screenshot in iphone
frensham school homepage screenshot

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“Outward-looking and forward-thinking”, Frensham focuses on the girls’ boarding experience and prides itself on “moving beyond traditional structures and breaking new ground for Australian schools”, and the website powerfully assists in conveying this ethos. The homepage pulls the visitor in, its slideshow filtered with the school’s brilliant purple colour, and featuring an exciting array of quick-linked news boxes. The site’s header features a full-screen and beautifully divided drop-down navigation, while an aerial-photographed campus map serves as the site’s sticky footer, giving a good feel for the school’s rural surroundings.  The ‘Girls Say, Parents Say, Teachers Say’ testimonials provide refreshing insight into school life, further assisted by social media links to online Frensham community spaces.

More Info about Frensham School
Springfield School District
springfield school disrict

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Springfield School District is a small school district in Sprinfield, PA that consists of four schools and a literacy center. Because the district is committed to providing an innovative, customized learning experience for each student, they wanted their website to offer this type of experience to webstite visitors. From the embedded, high-quality hero video that showcases the engagement between student and faculty, to a custom expandable element that highlights their custom approach to learning, SSD's web design, content and experience mirror its mission and brand. Each individual school's site follows the same design as the district homepage, which includes the same unique enhancements, unifying the user experience for website visitors.

More Info about Springfield School District
saint thomas academy homepage screenshot featured in iphone
saint thomas academy homepage screenshot

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Saint Thomas Academy, founded more than 130 years ago, is a Catholic boys school in Minnesota that focuses on military leadership for grades six through twelve. Its website displays the academy's four core principles with vivid photography and engaging headlines. To emphasize its 100% college acceptance rate, the homepage also features  alumni success stories and testimonials. Be sure to check out the athletics page and easily navigate to sports organized by season. You'll see an athletics page with its own video, infographic and photo gallery, as well as a featured profile grid of athletics staff members. 

More Info about Saint Thomas Academy
tulsa public schools homepage screenshot
tulsa public school homepage screenshot

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Tulsa Public Schools is a large school district serving thousands of constituents across more than 80 schools! Tulsa Public Schools recently was awarded gold in the 2018 MarComm Awards. The district’s Best-in-Class, custom design is one of the most innovative and stunning district designs we’ve worked on (or seen, for that matter)!

The district’s homepage design features brilliant full-screen photography, a bright color border that changes as you scroll, recent news, featured videos, testimonials, district values, and an infographic highlighting the district’s achievements. This district’s homepage is meant to highlight the accomplishments of the district, in order to attract and recruit families moving to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. But, all of this marketing doesn’t detract from keeping the district’s current community informed — which is equally as important. Tulsa’s website features simplified navigation, offering quick access to each of the 80+ schools in the districts, careers, parent information, enrollment, news, and calendars. The website also features an advanced search menu, making it easy for website visitors to partake in the user experience they’re most used to: searching! Toggle “Find it Fast” in the top left to unveil a search bar, and quick links to top hit pages based on audience.

And for those of you thinking an accessible website has to be boring — think again. Tulsa’s website design and structure meets WCAG 2.0 standards, and went through a thorough QA check prior to launch. In addition, the district uses AudioEye’s Ally Toolbar and managed service. The toolbar allows website visitors to customize their website experience based on their own need — such as changing color contrast or enabling a screen reader — while the managed service keeps Tulsa’s website content accessible at all times, automatically. Definitely peace of mind with 80+ individual schools and webmasters!

More Info about Tulsa Public Schools
chadwick school homepage screenshot in iphone
chadwick school homepage screenshot

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The Chadwick School website puts true emphasis on story-telling, evident from the very first headline: "Your Journey Starts Here." Navigation is intentional and catered directly to the audience– viewers must choose on the homepage whether to explore village school, middle school, or upper school. From there, each section has a unique display of testimonials, images, and headlines to resonate with its respective demographic. Each interior page has a purposeful and well-thought-out layout, allowing viewers to go as in depth in their school research as they want. 

More Info about Chadwick School
tonbridge school homepage screenshot in iphone
tonbridge school homepage screenshot

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Tonbridge School is a leading boys' boarding school in the UK, founded in 1553. The homepage video provides both a bird's eye view of the school's stunning 150-acre-campus and more intimate shots of classrooms, extracurricular activities, and day-to-day interactions. As viewers scroll down through the homepage, social media integration, testimonials from "Tonbridge People" (students, faculty, and staff), and an infographic featuring fast facts about the school culminate into three main calls-to-action that lead prospects down the admissions funnel. For current students and alumni, there are quick links available to various microsites–sports, theatre, events and societies. 

  • UK Independent
More Info about Tonbridge School
Vanguard University
Vanguard University

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Vanguard University, with a mission to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service, turned to Finalsite to revamp its website to reflect the richness and diversity of the student experience.  A fundamental goal of the design was to give users a path into each of the three divisions (undergraduate, graduate and professional studies), which provides a coherent aesthetic and navigational devices. A best-in-class design with a variety of interactive elements and special treatments propelled the University's online presence to something as unique as they are.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
More Info about Vanguard University
westfield state alumni homepage screenshot in iphone
westfield state alumni homepage screenshot

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Finalsite built an alumni microsite and portal for Westfield State University in Westfield, MA to enable the University to: create a more cohesive and inclusive website that’s useful to alumni and donors; offer media-rich information, particularly about giving and supporting Westfield State; and to establish an emotional connection that makes people want to visit and give. Finalsite's award-winning design team created a website that not only looked good and achieved these goals, but is built on the Finalsite Platform to make editing a snap.

  • Microsite
More Info about Westfield State Alumni
Upper Perkiomen School District

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Upper Perkiomen School District wanted a site that was visually appealing, user friendly, and showcase all of the great happenings in their school district — including the construction of a new Middle School. The district uses their homepage to promote the district's initiatives and mission, as well as their upcoming events. To keep their current community informed, the district actively uses their password-protected community portals, news, and directories.

More Info about Upper Perkiomen School District
Spring-Ford Area School District
spring ford public schools

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Spring-Ford Area School district is centrally located in a growing area of rural Pennsylvania consisting of 11 schools and a virtual academy. With the mission to be educationally relevant, Spring-Ford partnered with Finalsite to ensure their website proved this mission. Complete with a sticky navigation element on the right, bold call to actions, and a unique customizable news element, the website's improves the user experience by making it easy to access important, personalized content. With parallax scrolling, beautiful high-res images, and an elegant use of the district's bold colors, their new website is engaging, easy-to-use and timeless.

More Info about Spring-Ford Area School District
royal hospital school homepage screenshot in iphone
royal hospital school homepage screenshot in iphone

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Two words describe Royal Hospital's award-winning website: beauty and functionality. The three-centuries-old school (founded 1712) has a longstanding naval history, beginning as an institution specifically for boys from seafaring backgrounds. The new site pays homage to its heritage with distinct nautical design elements, a re-energized blue color palette, and a fitting position statement: "Navigating Success." The imaginative design is supported by functional headlines, well-organized pages, and strategic calls-to-action throughout. Viewers will have no trouble "navigating" through this site.  

  • UK Independent
More Info about Royal Hospital School
Minnetonka Public Schools
minneonka public schools

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Often, districts use their websites as a simple way to inform their community. However, Minnetonka Public Schools was one of the first districts we worked with who took a marketing-first approach to their website, with the goal of selling the Minnetonka brand, community value, and academic excellence. With 10 schools, as well as numerous community programs for youth and adults, Minnetonka Public Schools boasts a modest-sized district in Minnetonka, Minnesota. When you visit their site, you're greeted with high quality images, an infographic, and an engaging social media mash-up that pulls in the latest content shared by the district. The utility navigation provides quick and easy access to important community links, such as the portal login — ensuring that current families are still given the necessary attention on the new site.

More Info about Minnetonka Public Schools
canford school homepage screenshot in iphone
canford school homepage screenshot

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Set in stunning Dorset grounds and featuring grand classical architecture alongside abundant modern facilities, pupils enjoy an environment The Good Schools Guide aptly describes as one that “fizzes with activity from dawn till dusk”.  With high-impact use of stunning photography, slideshows and videos, this redesigned website wows from the homepage onwards, and we gain a real insight into the feel of the campus. Visitors can engage with the interactive school map, visit the extensive school history and archives, while Canford’s community engagement commitments both at home and through their international charity partnerships are supported through online donation and enterprise pages.  The parents portal adds a tailored environment where current families can engage on a much more personalised level.


More Info about Canford School
kinross wolaroi school homepage screenshot in iphone
kinross wolaroi school homepage screenshot

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Carrying “Knowledge, Friendship, Integrity” as its motto, Kinross Wolaroi boasts heritage buildings and modern facilities catering for over 1000 students in Orange, New South Wales. The homepage, featuring vibrant and candid photography, neat grid layout, quick-links and clean socially linked header gives the visitor an immediate taste of what life is like at the school, and the drop down navigation allows clear access to the site interior.  The sticky footer design offers a clear sense of location with its Google map layering and custom regional locator, while side banners make for further ease of navigation.

More Info about Kinross Wolaroi School
international school of paris homepage screenshot in iphone
international school of paris homepage screenshot

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The International School of Paris, located in the heart of Paris, has over 50 years of rich history and is home to over 700 students from around the world. In late 2016, the school created a new mission and vision and needed a new website to match. With Paris as their classroom, their site engages visitors with photos, videos, social media and authentic content from their community. The scrolling homepage does a great job providing a comprehensive overview of all the great aspects and opportunities at the school. This site is also dual language, further engaging native French speakers.

More Info about International School of Paris
mentone girls' grammar school homepage screenshot in iphone
mentone girls' grammar school homepage screenshot

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Alongside “quality teaching, small classes, and an inspired curriculum," Mentone Girls’ Grammar boasts a spectacular Victorian beachfront location and a 6000-strong community of current pupils and ‘Old Girls’. The school’s vivid red colours shine on the homepage, which dazzles with its fixed photo backdrop and highly visual grid layout featuring quick-linked event and news boxes. Social media plays a key role in the Mentone community, with featured posts on the homepage and links in the footer, which also offers user-friendliness for the prospective parent through its ‘Enquire’, ‘Apply’, ‘Contact’ buttons.  A combination of professional and in-house photography gives the visitor a good sense of Mentone life, while Alumni and Parent portals add personalised focus to the existing school community.

More Info about Mentone Girls' Grammar School
zurich international school homepage screenshot in iphone
zurich international school homepage screenshot

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With more than 1,450 students at four unique campuses, Zurich International School offers an extensive educational program with all the benefits of size but the intimacy of smaller settings. Their website redesign uses best practices throughout and the attention to detail is to be commended. The homepage tells a very complete story of the school in video, in images and through authentic content from their community. Visitors are encouraged to “Follow Their Path” and learn more about the extensive academics and extracurricular activities the school offers. The homepage pulls in social media from many platforms further encouraging visitors to engage with the school’s site. Furthermore, ZIS has created a very welcoming section for prospective employees. Visitors can spend a lot of time on this site and never get bored.

More Info about Zurich International School
tanglin trust school homepage screenshot in iphone
tanglin trust school homepage screenshot

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Since 1925, Tanglin Trust School (Tanglin) has been educating a diverse cohort of students in Singapore, and now, 92 years later, close to 2,800 students and a staff of more than 600 are fortunate to call this school home. Their site not only captures a visitor's attention on the homepage, but the design flair, attention to detail, well-crafted content and vibrant imagery throughout the site invoke emotion and encourages visitors to further engage with the school. The new site also helps families looking to relocate to Singapore gain a more authentic understanding of all the great qualities the school possesses both in and out of the classroom.

More Info about Tanglin Trust School
taft arts homepage screenshot in iphone
taft arts homepage screenshot

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Taft School's award-winning website came equipped with two microsites — one for Arts, and one for Athletics, two of the school's most noteworthy programs. Their Arts microsite takes a creative approach to displaying visual and text content about their Arts program — including concert dates, the student gallery, and more.

  • Microsite
More Info about Taft Arts
st. mary's international school homepage screenshot in iphone
st. mary's international school homepage screenshot

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St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo is a Catholic all-boys school providing an environment wherein positive self-esteem can fully be developed and where learning is promoted at a pace appropriate for boys. Their mission is to Instruct, to Educate, and to Impart Christian Values in a safe and nurturing environment. Their website redesign leverages clean lines, a streamlined navigation with classic colors and style. The opening video montage brings to life their motto: A School with a Heart. Their site is concise and powerful so that visitors quickly get a good impression. Their public facing site is designed to engage prospective parents while they utilize portals to communicate with current students, family and faculty. This pristine site does a great job reflecting the character of this school and the values it holds.

More Info about St. Mary's International School
inter-community school zurich
inter-community school zurich homepage screenshot

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The Inter-Community School Zurich (ICS) is a fully accredited and renowned international school in Zurich, Switzerland. As an IB World School established in 1960, ICS provides personalised education for students 3 to 19, including a bilingual diploma option. Their new site draws in visitors with a phenomenal video that uses an uplifting melody coupled with words showcasing their vision and mission. As you scroll through the homepage, the motion, color palette and overall attention to detail makes this website a piece of art. The site includes authentic parent content to further justify to prospective families the fine reputation and success of this school. In the primary school, the Rigour, Relevance and Resilience theme resonates, in the middle school they highlight their amazing teachers and in the IB Diploma they complete the story with top university admissions. A great journey that families can understand.

More Info about Inter-Community School Zurich
international school of hamburg homepage screenshot in iphone
international school of hamburg homepage screenshot

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With over 60 years of rich history, the International School of Hamburg is home to nearly 800 students. Offering the International Primary Curriculum, the IB Middle Years and the Diploma Programs, students become inquiring, ethical and risk-taking adults for the 21st century. With their rich history in the large port city of Hamburg, their website redesign uses nautical elements such as an anchor and waves to help users visualize their motto of “Embarking on a Voyage of Learning”. Visitors are drawn immediately into the site and taken on a journey. Their bright and colorful site welcomes visitors and radiates all the amazing things prospective families want to see when visiting a school’s website. A brief sail around this site and you will notice fine attention to detail and engaging content that truly tells their story.

More Info about International School of Hamburg
geneva english school homepage screenshot in iphone
geneva english school homepage screenshot

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Founded in 1961, Geneva English School is an international primary and secondary school with campuses in Geneva Switzerland and offers education for children 3-18 years old. Their new website does a great job showcasing their core values of teamwork, community, respect, courage, opportunity and integrity. With videos, calendars and news, and calls-to-actions, visitors are encouraged to explore all that the school has to offer. Their secondary navigation helps guide prospective families on a logical journey to learn more.

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fairgreen international school homepage screenshot in iphone
fairgreen international school homepage screenshot

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Opening in 2018, Fairgreen International School is an Esol Education school, part of a family of high performing international schools in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon. Their new site successfully highlights the benefits and richness of the Esol network including international accreditation, university recognition, a global alumni network and professional qualified teachers. The site does a great job selling the value and mission of this new school and encourages prospective families to learn more. The school's focus on innovation and sustainability is showcased throughout the site as well, further differentiating their school.

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the british school of amsterdam homepage screenshot in iphone
the british school of amsterdam homepage screenshot

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Founded in 1978, the British School of Amsterdam is a leading international institution with over 900 students. Their values are to create a stimulating and caring environment, enabling all pupils to realize their potential. Their website redesign showcases happy, engaged students and quickly draws visitors in to learn more. Each school section is clearly marked and coupled with a mega-navigation to enable visitors to quickly find the information they desire. The website footer does a great job putting into perspective the school’s location while at the same time showcasing the diversity of the school.

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charterhouse school homepage screenshot

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Nothing short of iconic, Charterhouse is one of the great historic public schools of England steeped with fascinating history and outstanding academic excellence. Home to 820 pupils from around the globe, the school has created a website that covers all its communication and branding needs. 

  • UK Independent
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Jackson County Public Schools
jackson county public schools

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Jackson County Public Schools is a small district in Syva, NC — a location central to cities like Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. With nine schools spanning 2 districts and 4,200 students and teachers, JCPS is a small, but impressive district. And they wanted a website to prove it.

At JCPS, the schools in our district are small enough for each student to be known and recognized as an individual, but large enough to provide a variety of opportunities for involvement and growth. JCPS came to Finalsite because they were losing some students to Charter Schools that were popping up in the area as well as to highlight all the features that they have to offer. The technology at JCPS alone was a driving force to keep students attending the schools as well as wanted to show that in the new website.

  • Best-in-Class
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roedean school homepage screenshot in iphone
roedean school homepage screenshot

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Dramatically located on Brighton’s cliff side with sweeping sea views, ISI inspectors have described 440-pupil strong Roedean as a school of “outstanding creativity”, and an “all-round education and experience”.  The photo-driven homepage design and visually expressive fonts throughout the website bring the school’s holistic ethos to life, while the social media-linked header assists in their outreach to the public community. Colour-branded filterable news boxes take us on mini journeys into different corners of school life, from sports to drama, music to community action. Sidebar links allow for easy navigation, while featured testimonials add a personal touch to the Roedean web experience.

  • UK Independent
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dulwich college homepage screenshot

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Drawing in on its 400th anniversary, steeped in history, prestige and academic excellence, it is no wonder that Dulwich College remains a popular global choice.  Offering learning from the very outset at 6 months in their ‘Ducks’ kindergarten, through to A-Levels in the senior college, Dulwich’s website is clearly navigable into the three different age categories of the school, each colour-branded. An extensive Alumni dropdown also gives the visitor a flavour of life after school for ‘Old Alleynians’.  Winner of a Gold Hermes Creative Award, this refreshingly designed site’s subtle sticky header, multimedia visuals, and simple, elegant layouts beautifully exhibit life at the South London campus, and make for an exciting, vibrant user experience. Featuring quick-link driven pages and best practices throughout, it’s easy to find your way to the many facets of school life and beyond at this world-renowned institution.  

  • UK Independent
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nsu iphone
nsu university school

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NSU University School is a junior kindergarten through 12th grade, independent college preparatory school that provides a challenging and personalized education within a supportive environment for students of average to gifted abilities. With their goals of recruitment and retention in mind, Finalsite's deployment team was able to create a website that includes bold imagery that showcases the quality of acadmics, athletics and arts programs with easy to use navigation that entices families to ultimately book a tour and/or apply.

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Franklin Road Academy is located in Nashville, TN and is a pre-k through grade 12 coeducational private school offering a challenging educational experience in an inclusive Christian community. FRA's main goal was to transform their site into a marketing tool for prospective parents by working with us to create a clean, concise page that is easy to navigate and visually attractive. From their signature programs, impressive statistics, and testimonials that will be able to maintain a robust future marked by strong enrollment with top-knotch faculty and an exceptional applicant pool.

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sas iphone
singapore american school

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Singapore American School located on the small island of Singapore holds a legacy as one of the world’s leading American international schools with over 4,000 students. Partnering with Finalsite over 7 years ago, they have been raising the bar for international school websites ever since. Their latest site embodies their spirit and showcases 60 years of rich history. They wanted their website to showcase their state-of-the-art facilities, strong academic rigor, accomplished faculty, and most importantly, their engaged community. The new site lets them share their story while differentiating on what makes them unique by incorporating stories from their community. Their site utilizes best practice on every page and comes alive with color and animation directing users to the appropriate next step.

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Peddie School
Peddie School

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Guided by the confidence in their motto, “We Finish Our Labors to Begin Them Anew,” Peddie School, a top boarding and day school in New Jersey, is committed to the intellectual, social, and moral growth of each of our students. Peddie turned to Finalsite to create a truly unique website to capture its mission and vision in partnership with their communications team and ongoing branding efforts. Finalsite's content management solution and suite of software modules make it easy for the multimate editors to update content, create new layouts, and develop media-rich pages without any technical expertise -- and with the peace of mind that Finalsite's top-notch support team is available to help.

  • Award-Winner
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Western Academy of Beijing
western academy of beijing

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The Western Academy of Beijing is a leading non-profit, independent IB World School in China. This school is home to over 1,400 students from over 50 countries. This award-winning website uses best practices throughout, and from the moment a visitor lands on the homepage, they are taken on an amazing journey. The focus was narrowed to be outward facing for admissions, marketing, advancement with the main navigation including action words like "Learn, Discover and Apply." The site showcases engaging content that utilizes bold, vibrant images to tell their unique story not only on the homepage but on interiors pages as well.  The iconic colored squares used throughout the site in both static and parallax effect are inspired by the "11 Reasons to Come to WAB" and reflect the school colors, logo and web experience and are integrated throughout the site, providing unique connectivity.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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Brooks School
Brooks School

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Established in 1926 in the town of North Andover, Brooks School provides a co-educational, college preparatory program for 380 students on a 270-acre campus overlooking Lake Cochichewick. The school has a well-established reputation in a stunning setting, and wanted an innovative way to showcase all they have to offer. , The goal for the new Brooks site was to inspire prospective students to inquire and plan a visit, because once families visit the campus and sit for an interview, they are almost certain to apply. This means it was essential for website visitors to get a sense of the Brooks campus, community and culture within that first 7-second first impression. To accomplish this, Brooks selected a Best-in-Class design — our top design package. The site feature a sticky mega-navigation, embedded video and a scrolling, storytelling experience that provides a solid balance of marketing pieces that highlight signature programs and accomplishments, and current news stories to engage current families as well. The site also recently received the "Best School Website" award in the 2017 Web Awards, judged by the AVA.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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ravenscroft school

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Ravenscroft is a Pre-K through grade 12 independent day school in Raleigh, NC — an increasingly competitive market. As a Finasite client since 2008, the school approached us with the desire to go above and beyond, and be more innovative than any other school in their market by providing a unique, yet intuitive, content and navigation experience. In their recent redesign, Ravenscroft’s goal was to inspire audiences to learn more about Ravenscroft, and to facilitate ease of inquiry/visit, application, and “giving” to Ravenscroft. They wanted their site to look and feel unique to Ravenscroft - to be as distinctive as they know they are, and to make sure that their site is unlike (and not replicated by) other schools’ websites. Mission accomplished! The site also received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Web Awards.

  • Award-Winner
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westminster school

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The Westminster Schools, based in Altanta and one of the largest independent day schools in the country, serves a community of over 400 faculty and staff, 1800 students and 12,000 alumni. Needless to say, Finalsite was challenged to deliver a website solution that could capture the incredible depth and breadth of its academic program, its broad outreach and student life opportunities, fundraising initiatives, an amazing campus covering hundreds of acres, and a vibrant school community. A new best-in-class website, with a modern aesthetic, compelling storytelling, engaging visual elements, with simple navigation -- all helped to meet that challenge, but it was also our trusted partnership with the School, who looked to Finalsite to help them with the software they needed to keep the site fresh and as exciting as every day is. This is a site to spend some time on, with lots of special treatments and new approaches to content.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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The Taft School

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When someone first arrives on campus at Taft School, the beautiful collection of collegiate-Gothic buildings often will takes their breath away; Finalsite had a tall order to create a website that would do the same.  In addition to their picturesque campus, Taft wanted its website to spotlight their passionate faculty, bright students and close-knit community.  Finalsite helped Taft School transition from a 10-year-old website, working closely with the team to accurately portray a 'first glance' of everything that makes Taft special. Finalsite's deployment team created a beautiful interactive experience, equipped with two microsites for Athletics and Arts, social media feeds, and video marketing. The site received a 2017 Communicator of Distinction Award, one of the most prestigious web design awards in the industry.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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Ogden School District
ogden school district homepage

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Ogden School District is a district of about 20 schools, enrolling more than 12,000 students in Ogden Utah. With a rather large community, Ogden’s biggest challenge was informing the public. They needed their web presence to be simple, organized, and consistent throughout their school district, allowing visitors to quickly find and access the information they needed.

They now have an elegant design applied to all their school sites which enables them to tell their story. Both the main district site and each individual school website features a sleek, branded design, and the content is easy to update.

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dubai college u.a.e. homepage screenshot in iphone
dubai college u.a.e homepage screenshot

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With over 900 pupils and counting, Dubai College has been a fast-growing international school since its royal inception in 1978. Continuously rated as “outstanding” by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, its website features some stunning forward-thinking design and layouts.  The homepage breaks ground with its adjustable sliding scales attached to different areas of interest within the school; the visitor then clicking the custom ’start’ icon to begin their personalised journey into the site. On the interior pages, the Flickr-linked sticky footer and variety of social elements demonstrate the school’s engagement with the community and overall marketing-mindedness.  Exceptional use of best practice assets and infographics combined with slick high-resolution photography and visuals create a very strongly branded site.

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Shasta COE iPhone
shasta county office of education website

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The Shasta County Office of Education serves more than 100 districts in California — meaning that building a functional, easy-to-navigate and information website was the key to a successful redesign. With beautiful photography, a spotlight on recent news and upcoming events, and bold call-to-action buttons to make important content easy-to-fund, Shasta COE's website clearly met its redesign goals. Shasta COE's website also features the AudioEye toolbar, ensuring all the content on this brilliant design is fully accessible to all end-users.

  • AudioEye
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TASIS homepage

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The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) is a family of international schools that welcomes young people from all nationalities to an educational community that fosters a passion for excellence along with mutual respect and understanding. TASIS schools are located in Switzerland, England and Puerto Rico and also include an extensive Summer program. Their websites showcases through imagery, engaging authentic content, call-to-actions and emotional appeal all that makes TASIS so unique. Their websites utilize best practice while also incorporating very creative and cutting-edge ideas.

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Lenoir-Rhyne University
lenior rhyne university

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Lenoir-Rhyne University's website redesign began with a two-day design onsite, where out team was able to immerse themselves in the community to get a real feel for what made LRU stand out. While the campus is quickly growing and expanding, to consolidate the campuses under one "roof," while maintaining a clean interface and navigation structure. The site features numerous compelling design elements, including an interactive content dropdown that personalizes homepage content based on the visitor's desire, an infographic, and a custom social media mash-up. Additionally, special attention was paid to the academic majors and admission sections to engage the site visitors with the site for a more interactive experience.

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American School of Milan
american school of milan homepage

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The American School of Milan, Italy is an American-International school offering both the American High School Diploma and IB Diploma programs and boasts of 780 students from over 50 countries. Having worked with Finalsite for nearly a decade, their big shift for their new site was to focus primarily on prospective families, while current family content was moved to the Finalsite’s password-protected Portals. It was a philosophical change for the school and required a delicate balance. Their new site features a scrolling homepage offering quick access to videos, news and calendar events, while showcasing their in-house photography, which truly captures the vibrancy of their school. Their current and relevant content encourages visitors to come back to the site.

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The Community School
the community school

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The Community School is an independent pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade day and boarding school located in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Community School's academics, extracurriculars, and overall experience are adventurous, exciting, and unlike any other school in the country — and they wanted a website to not only showcase that experience, but simulate it. The Community school's new Best-in-Class website draws website visitors in with a design, videos, and photos that mirror the quality of the institution and supports their ambition to have a national and international presence. The homepage projects the essence and differentiators of the school: an education that involves lots of programmatic options, an outdoor program, athletics, arts, teacher/student connections, experiential learning, outdoor program, and an amazing location, as well as the outcome of that: graduates who are great kids with unlimited options for continuing their education. The Community School was also awarded the top honor in the 2017 Webby Awards — one of the toughest award competitions in the world.

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Lakeside School
Lakeside School

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Lakeside School, a premier day school in Seattle, WA serving grades 5-12, turned to Finalsite for not only a design that suited their academically rigorous, progressive and forward thinking mission as a top school in the region, but also improved ways to connect their internal systems together with Finalsite's experienced integration team. The interactive homepage leads with a provocative statement and walks users through the countless ways a student can experience the diverse curriculum and program at the school. As a school and community based near the homes of Microsoft and Amazon, the website needed to meet the highest of expections, and Finalsite was prepared to take on that challenge.

  • Award-Winner
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Barbers Hill Independent School District

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Barbers Hill looked to Finalsite to create a new website design that was accessible and met ADA compliance requirements; provided their staff, parents, and community with timely and useful information that would be easy to find; and shared their core objective of "Tradition of Excellence" as both a district and with their schools schools through great design and content. Finalsite worked closely with Barbers Hill to ensure that their site visitors would have a positive experience through easy-to-use navigation, intuitive layouts and well-developed content.

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The Campaign for Punahou School
the campaign for punahou school homepage screenshot

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The Campaign for Punahou School is an award-winning Best-in-Class microsite for Punahou School's Capital Campaign. As the country's biggest independent school with a vast alumni community, their new microsite aims to drive engagement and donations, as well as celebrate school-wide and alumni accomplishments. The site took home Gold in the 11th Annual W3 Awards.

  • Microsite
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ulster BOCES iphone
ulster boces

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The Ulster BOCES turned to Finalsite to develop a website that could effectively communicate the benefits of participating in their services (both student-based programs and services that support school operation or staff development) as well as the value (financial) that the schools in the program receive for their investment. They wanted visitors to be welcomed with a site that would inspire confidence that their programs and services are important to a district's success, are on the leading edge of what is available, and are effectively delivered. Ulster BOCES also wanted to make sure that it partnered with a reputable, forward-thinking company they could recommend to their own districts, which made Finalsite a perfect fit.

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the kellett school homepage screenshot in iphone
the kellett school homepage screenshot

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The Kellett School – the British International School in Hong Kong was founded in 1976, the Chinese Year of the Fire Dragon. The parent founders sought a high-quality, British-style education, rich in the Arts and in Sports. The homepage, complete with a dragon logo, does an incredible job telling a complete story about the school. Great images, infographics, authentic stories, news and calendars items enable visitors to get a comprehensive view on all the school has to offer. As you dive deeper into the site, unique page elements along with videos make for an engaging experience.


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harrow school iphone
harrow school

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Harrow School is a full-boarding school for boys aged 13-18, founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I. Harrow's website showcases their rich history and fine reputation through vivid storytelling and the use of images, call-to-actions and authentic content. Finalsite also works with several of the Harrow International Schools which are independently owned and operate under a license of the Name and Badge of Harrow School. The first Harrow International School was established in Bangkok in 1998, and further International Schools have been set up in Asia since then.


  • UK Independent
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charterhouse homepage screenshot in iphone
charterhouse school homepage screenshot

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Nothing short of iconic, Charterhouse is one of the great historic independent schools of England steeped with fascinating history and outstanding academic excellence. Home to 820 pupils from around the globe, the school has created a website that covers all its communication and branding needs. Determined to use the website platform’s technology to its full potential, the school takes advantage of a secure Parent Portal enabling parents to log-in to view specific content relevant to their children – from reports and grades to examination information to essential documents and policies.  In addition, the site also houses a dedicated Parents’ Area with a clear and easy-to-navigate grid layout linking to the most popular areas for parents. The school’s impressive Video Gallery gives an impeccable insight into school life and its educational principles, with engaging and excellently produced video content, essential in engaging their prospective and existing parents.

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Cleveland University Kansas City
cleveland university

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Cleveland University-Kansas City turned to Finalsite to share its broad offerings to the outside world. The University offers a personalized approach to education for a rewarding career in chiropractic, a baccalaureate in health sciences or a masters in health promotion — all of which Finalsite needed to capture via a compelling and engaging design and an interactive responsive website. The Finalsite Platform is a perfect fit for colleges and universities like CUKC with software that's quick, easy and flexible, allowing the team there to spend that much more time telling its unique story.

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Global Indian International School
global indian international school

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The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an international school group founded in 2002 in Singapore. GIIS now operates 23 schools in 7 countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. GIIS needed consistent messaging and branding across all the schools with clear navigation to guide users to the correct school. Finalsite created a new design that was able to highlight the key messaging of the group as well as enabling each school to communicate their information while maintaining consistent branding. Each scrolling homepage tells the story of each school and invokes an emotional response through the use of amazing photography and engaging content.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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is london iphone
international school of london group

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The International School of London is a pioneering international school group that has paved the way for integrating mother tongue languages into a standard international curriculum, starting in the Early Childhood years.  Founded in 1972, it was one of the first International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Schools. Since then the group has grown to include schools in London, Qatar, and Surrey. Their website redesign provides consistent messaging and branding across the organizations while each school can showcase what makes them unique on their own school sites. These scrolling homepages are rich with imagery, infographics, and news and events to capture visitors’ attention.

More Info about International School of London Group
taft athletics homepage screenshot in iphone
taft athletics homepage screenshot

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Taft School's award-winning website came equipped with two microsites — one for Arts, and one for Athletics, two of the school's most noteworthy programs. Their Athletics microsite takes an innovative approach to their design, making the as interactive and engaging as it is informative.

  • Microsite
More Info about Taft Athletics
Elmbrook Public Schools
elmbrook public schools

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The School District of Elmbrook is a top tier public school district located fifteen minutes west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and serves the Cities of Brookfield, New Berlin, and the village of Elm Grove. Elmbrook Schools serves over 7,000 students with a dedicated and highly skilled staff of over 1,100. Elmbrook is consistently ranked as one of the top five school districts in the state of Wisconsin. Thier flagship high schools, Brookfield Central and Brookfield East are consistently ranked in the top 400 high schools in the nation by Newsweek magazine. The goal of the redesign was to promote teaching and learning excellence and the personalizing of learning for all students, while also creating a site that made it easy for current and prospective families to navigate to the information they need in just a couple of clicks.The homepage of the site was designed to celebrate the district's accomplishments for current families as well as faculty and staff.

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summer at lawrence homepage screenshot in iphone
summer at lawrence homepage screenshot

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Summer at Lawrence is an award-winning microsite for Lawrence School's summer programs. The site was awarded "Best School Website" in the 2017 IAC (Internet Advertising Competition). Visit the site to experience a subtle, color-changing background and an array of gorgeous visuals to help fill up summer programs, fast.

  • Microsite
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The Hotchkiss School
The Hotchkiss School

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The Hotchkiss School, a top New England boarding school in Lakeville, CT, founded in 1891, launched a terrific new website with Finalsite in 2017, having worked with Finalsite for many years already. The new site leverages Finalsite's flexible modules to share news, calendars, photos, athletics information and much more within a best-in-class design that helps the school tell their story every day. Integration allows the school to simplify logins for students, parents and faculty while leveraging their internal databases to avoid redundant information. Drone video draws users into the homepage, while pages like "Alumni Accomplishments" showcase just how special the school's alumni are.

  • Best-in-Class
  • Boarding School
More Info about The Hotchkiss School
Turner Unified School District
turner usd #202 homepage

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Turner Unified School District #202

turner usd homepage

Turner Unified School District 202 is located in Kansas City, Kansas, in Wyandotte county. Other school districts that share a border with Turner are the Bonner Springs School District, Kansas City Kansas School District, and Shawnee Mission School District.

Turner hosts approximately 4000 students from pre-school through twelfth grade. There are four elementary schools containing students from pre-school through fifth grade which are Junction Elementary, Midland Trail Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, and Turner Elementary. All sixth-grade students matriculate to the Turner Sixth Grade Academy which is designed to help sixth-grade students prepare for their transition to middle school. Upon completion of sixth grade, students transition to Turner Middle School for seventh and eighth grade and then to Turner High School for ninth through twelfth grade. An alternative high school program resides at Journey School of Choice, which is located separately from Turner High School. Turner also hosts QUEST, a dropout recovery program, in collaboration with the Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center. This program provides continued learning opportunities for adult high school dropouts culminating in a Turner High School diploma.

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american school of paris homepage screenshot in iphone
american school of paris homepage screenshot

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American School of Paris is an international, coeducational, independent school of more than 700 students in 3-year-old programs through Grade 12. Founded in 1946 as the first international school established in Europe, ASP has a rich heritage and continues to be a leader in the world of teaching and learning. From the second visitors land on the school's scrolling homepage, they are engaged with great photography, parallax scrolling, infographics and news. The mega navigation does a great job leading visitors throughout the site and includes call-to-actions to further engage. The site also succeeds in emphasizing their rich heritage, vibrant community and robust academics.

More Info about American School of Paris
harrow school homepage screenshot in iphone
harrow school

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Harrow School is a full-boarding school for boys aged 13-18, founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I. Harrow's website showcases their rich history and fine reputation through vivid storytelling and the use of images, call-to-actions and authentic content. Finalsite also works with several of the Harrow International Schools which are independently owned and operate under a license of the Name and Badge of Harrow School. The first Harrow International School was established in Bangkok in 1998, and further International Schools have been set up in Asia since then.


More Info about Harrow School UK
College of Coastal Georgia
college of coastal georgia

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With a compelling homepage video, simplified tier one navigation, great design and an intuitive, responsive interface, the College of Coastal Georgia's website helps them stand apart from the crowd. The Finalsite Platform makes page and content editing easy, with extended functionality to handle a variety of unique scenarios.

More Info about College of Coastal Georgia
Solano COE iPhone
solano county office of education

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Solano County Office of Education is an Educational Service Agency (ESA) in Fairfield, CA. This ESA had two projects as a piece of their deployment, both the SCOE main website, as well as a second microsite for the Solano County SELPA. While SCOE provides students with disabilities in Solano County with career readiness training to support the development of employment skills, the Solano County SELPA coordinates with school districts and SCOE to provide a continuum of programs and services for individuals with special needs from birth through 22 years of age. So, while these two organizations are independent of one another, they are also dependent on one another, which is why it made sense to work on both projects at the same time. Because of these organizations' natures, both projects included the addition of AudioEye, our accessibility software solution that provides website visitors with a toolbar to personalize their experience based on their disability. Both organizations many of Finalsite's marketing and communication modules to keep the many districts and individuals they serve in the loop about upcoming events, news, and more.

  • AudioEye
More Info about Solano County Office of Education
the american international school-vienna homepage screenshot in iphone
the american international school vienna homepage screenshot

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Operating since 1959, AIS today proudly serves almost 800 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. They celebrate a rich diversity, with over 50 countries represented. From classrooms to sports fields, and from concert halls to volunteer outreach, students develop intellectually and interculturally while practicing commitment, leadership, and meaningful self-reflection. Their website redesign greats visitors with amazing photography coupled with news and a clear navigation guide for users to learn more about the school.

More Info about The American International School - Vienna
International School of Tanganyika
international school of tanganyika homepage screenshot

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IST is an independent, private, not-for-profit day school located on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IST offers rigorous academic programs coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular activities serving close to 900 students from age 3 to grade 12. Their redesign capitalized on Finalsite theme sites, and does a great job utilizing the colors and shape of the logo to create a very coherent design. The quick links provide visitors with easy access to key pages, while the interior pages do a great job using tabs and other design elements to make it easy to process information. A good combination of text and images enable visitors to quickly get a feel for the school.


More Info about International School of Tanganyika
WFL Boces iphone
wfl boces

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Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES is an educational service agency that serves the Finger Lakes area of New York State. In addition to showcasing the benefits of working with WFL BOCES, finding an easy-to-use CMS was a top priority for the district. The organization is very diverse, with more than 70 individuals contributing content to the website — meaning they needed something that was both easy-to-use, but would also maintain a certain look and feel, no matter who edited it. When you visit the site, it is easy to see that this goal was successfully achieved! The homepage, which featured embedded video, interactive elements and an infographic is both enticing and informative. This same compelling user experience is consistent on all interior pages.

WFL BOCE's project also included an on-site two-day training experience.

More Info about Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES
Baruch College Alumni
Baruch College Alumni

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This microsite for Baruch College Alumni provides all the information the 100,000+ alumni need to stay connected with the business school. The College has been working with Finalsite for many years, leveraging Composer and other modules to assist with its alumni program, update content easily, build pages and manage important functionality to keep communication levels high.

  • Alumni Microsite
More Info about Baruch College Alumni
Misericordia University
misericordia university

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Misericordia University, in Dallas, PA, has been a Finalsite client for nealy five years and a frequent user of the Finalsite platform to update their website easily, advance their communications goals, and grow the site as their needs change. A responsive website means that mobile users have an equally compelling experience on their phone as they do on their desktop, which is fundamental to Finalsite's "Mobile First" approach to web development.

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St. Francis College
St. Francis College

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A client for over seven years, St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NYC, turned to Finalsite recently for a best-in-class redesign, while still being able to use the latest tools and technology to update content, leverage critical functionality, and build their web presence. Infographics, featured testimonials, great photography and an intuitive navigation all come together into a great homepage and interiors that drive engagement. Finalsite's 24/7 support is always there when the college needs it and ongoing webinars, blogs, white papers and a deep knowledgebase ensures that staff can stay current with trends and best practices.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
More Info about St. Francis College
American School of Guatemala
american school of guatemala

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The American School of Guatemala is a bilingual college preparatory school educating over 1600 local and international students. With a very active parent community, AS Guatemala is proud that generations of families continue sending their children and grandchildren to the school with upwards of 35 percent of their students coming from legacy families. They realized their bulletin board style website needed to be upgraded, and with tuition the primary source of funding, the focus of their redesign was to drive admissions. In working with their Finalsite deployment team, they were able to craft a new website that matches their strategic goals. From the engaging homepage video, to stories showcasing meaningful lives, to an infographic featuring successful outcomes, prospective families are inspired to learn more.

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American School of Bombay
american school of bombay

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The American School of Bombay is a college preparatory day school with over 700 students and is in Mumbai, India. A Finalsite client for over a decade, they have always pushed the envelope with bold vision, the latest in technology and cutting-edge designs. They pride themselves in their community and wanted their website to share this through the eyes of their teachers, parents, and students. As their main marketing vehicle, they engage visitors from the moment they land on the site through stunning photography and engaging content. Their Motto of DREAM, LEARN, SERVE permeates throughout the site and captivates visitors and encourages them to learn more. This award-winning site encourages visitors to learn more and take the next step.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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Branksome Hall Asia
branksome hall asia

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Branksome Hall Asia is an independent educational institution located in South Korea educating over 900 girls. The school opened in October 2012 and is the sister campus of the Canadian school Branksome Hall. Their redesigned site showcases their purpose-built, aesthetically appealing, and technologically advanced environment that enables world-class learning and teaching in both boarding and day scenarios. Their website pulls visitors in with great photography, vivid colors and engaging call-to-actions.  Strong messaging round out this site to make for an overall “remarkable” experience.

  • All-Girls
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Chadwick International School
chadwick international school

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Chadwick International is a PK-12, independent, day school located in Incheon, South Korea and is the sister school of Chadwick in California.  This school has always been ahead of the curve in web design and this award-winning site proves it. This site delivers the message that they are an important player in global education. With scroll and hover effects engaging every click and scroll, screen-width photos that share the school's culture, and dozens of interactive elements to delight prospective and current families, Chadwick's new website sets a standard for international school web design.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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Concordia International School
concordia international school

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Concordia International School of Shanghai in China is home to 1200 students from around the world. They wanted to convey the details of their community through their online presence and allow visitors to see inside the walls of the school without having to visit the campus. They also wanted to stand out from the crowd in a busy market. From their stunning and unique homepage, to the attention to minute details in the interior pages, the Concordia Shanghai Best-in-Class website does all this and more! Read their case study here.

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Choate Rosemary Hall
choate rosemary hall

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Choate Rosemary Hall, a top New England boarding school serving grades 9-12, has been a client of Finalsite's for over decade and has gone through several redesigns. In the latest iteration, Choate's goal was to launch a cutting-edge website that reflects their commitment to innovation and reinforces their desire to enroll students who are highly academic and motivated, independent and mature, yet collaborative by nature. Their site tells the story of a community where students are encouraged to take calculated risks, follow their passions, and become active community contributors with a global view and openness to understanding others. Live@Choate, a showcase for their social media, and other features, such as Choate by the Numbers, are one of many examples of how a school can leverage Finalsite software in a stunning design.

  • Award-Winner
  • Best-in-Class
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Sidwell Friends School
sidwell friends school

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Sidwell Friends School, a well-established Quaker day school in the heart of Washington, DC has been a Finalsite client for nearly a decade. This most recent design aimed to embrace the Quaker values while providing depth and meaningful stories and information to its broad audience. The site affirms the centrality of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of academic and campus life, honoring a multiplicity of voices, making the student voice a priority.  Site visitors will see the "voices" throughout the entire site. Another website priority was to highlight what distinguishes the school -- particularly its programs, clubs and the strength of it’s faculty -- which users can find featured throughout the website.

  • Award-Winner
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St. John's Episcopal School
st. john's episcopal school

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St. John's Episcopal School is located in Dallas, TX, and is home to more than 500 students. The school is dedicated to a program of academic excellence designed to train the mind, strengthen the character and enrich the spirit of each student. To reinforce that message, the school wanted the new website that would as bright and bold as their community, showcase their dynamic energy, and infuse pride and confidence in their faculty and staff. St. John's Episcopal Day School's website offers a one-of-a-kind scrolling experience you won't find anywhere else — you really have to experience it, so be sure to visit their site. You won't be disappointed.

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The Woods Academy
the woods academy

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The Woods Academy is an inclusive Catholic community preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance. Located in Bethesda, MD, The Woods Academy came into the redesign process with thee main goals: 1. secure the "permanency" of the school; 2. maintain steady enrollment; and 3. launch the Entrepreneurial Leadership Innovation Lab, a center for learning and applying an entrepreneurial mindset, modern technological skills, leadership development and business acumen for students who engage in real-world collaborative projects through innovative curriculum. With their new site, The Woods Academy stands out in a competitive market with a horizontal scrolling website that has received two design awards in the past year. As you scroll, the homepage moves like a storybook, providing both a unique and user-friendly user experience.

  • Award-Winner
  • Catholic School
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Lower Merion School District
lower merion school district

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Lower Merion School District has been a Finalsite Client since 2012 and has gone through two website redesigns. LMSD's six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools have all been recognized for excellence at the regional and national levels, and the district uses their site to boast the community's ongoing accomplishments. The mobile-first, intuitive design provides a functional user experience, and gives LMSD a platform to share their most important content right on the homepage. A personalized "Parents" area, which can easily be found in the utility menu at the top, provides current parents with the information and content most relevant to them, without cluttering the homepage. LMSD's site utilizes one of Finalsite's pre-built designs, offering them the design flexibility and customization they required to showcase each of the school's unique content, while maintaining a streamlined brand and UX.

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Lake Washington School District
Lake Washington School District

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Lake Washington School District, comprised of more than 50 schools, is located in Redmond Washington. The city of Redmond is also home to Microsoft, and growing at a rapid pace. With the many job seekers and new hires visiting the area, the redesigned website had to showcase and provide information about the district and the communities in which the schools are located. An equally important objective was to provide information to current constituent groups in a way that was logical and easily accessible. 

The end product features a visually rich homepage that walks new site visitors thought the school district's mission. The site features numerous design enhancements to make the site easy to navigate and prove to its tech-savvy community that it too, is tech-savvy. At the very top of the page, role-based navigation, calendar, news and search features provide current constituents with a variety of access points into the site. A jump to school feature in the footer provides easy access to individual school websites.

  • Best-in-Class
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asf mexico iphone
american school foundation

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The American School Foundation on the west side of Mexico City was founded in 1888 and is the oldest operating accredited American school outside the US. The primary goal of their redesign was to create a visually attractive, clean, and easy to navigate website that would serve as the central source of information for their internal constituencies. Finalsite accomplished this goal by helping create a series of portals where timely information could be provided to parents, students and faculty. A secondary goal was to provide information about the school to prospective families. The homepage uses a clean design to showcase their long history of academic excellence, their multitude of programs, and school vibrancy through bold colors, infographics, strong photography and clear call-to-actions.

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st junipero serra website in iphone
Jackson County School Image

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St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is a PK-8 independent school that wanted to reinforce their commitment to educating the whole child: mind, heart, and spirit. Their education reaches far beyond the classroom through local outreach activities, parish communities, and by serving those in need throughout the world. There was one issue - their website did not showcase all the school had to offer. Finalsite's Deployment team was able to create a unique design, with fun animations, that shows through parent and student testimonials, the school's love for learning and why St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is the right choice for your child. The innovation and functionality of this design were recognized in the 2017 Davey Awards, when the school took home Silver for their website.

  • Award-Winner
  • Catholic School
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International School of Kenya
international school of kenya

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The International School of Kenya in Nairobi is home to over 900 students from 60 countries. With budget and staffing concerns, they opted for one of Finalsite's theme websites which met their needs and short timeframe. Their website is instrumental in selling the school since many families don’t get to visit Africa prior to enrolling.  First impressions are critical, and their new site features a cleaner, more modern design, with simplified navigation that works great on mobile devices and showcases great content. The school does not have a webmaster but shares content responsibility across the school empowering users to market their areas of expertise. Read their case study here.

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marymount international school rome homepage screenshot in iphone
marymount international school rome homepage screenshot

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Marymount International School Rome is a private, Catholic, co-educational day school founded in 1946 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and is home to over 650 students from age 2 through grade 12. Their mission, to develop students who are capable, honest, and respectful, is reflected throughout their website. When landing on their homepage, visitors are immediately engaged by video footage showcasing the beautiful campus as well as engaged students and successful alumni. Icons are displayed throughout the site to enable visitors to inquire, visit and apply.

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Cayman International School
cayman international shool

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Cayman International School, located in the Cayman Islands, is a college preparatory school governed by International School Services. The school wanted their new site to be the focal point of all of their communication efforts both internally and externally.  Their new site highlights their amazing location, international community and collaborative teaching style, and features a clear, easy to navigate homepage with engaging photos and imagery.

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harrow beijing school homepage screenshot in iphone
harrow beijing school homepage screenshot

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Harrow Beijing, founded in 2005, enjoys a strong link with Harrow School London and with the other Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Unifying their link is the educational expertise forged at Harrow School London over hundreds of years, and in their core mission - Leadership for a better world. With over 1000 students and growing, Harrow’s admission-focused site encourages visitors to learn more. By highlighting their rich history as well including stories of today, Harrow does an excellent job showcasing their commitment to excellence. Clean lines, concise text and powerful images have huge impact.

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international school of zug and luzern homepage screenshot in iphone
international school of zug and luzern homepage screenshot

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ISZL is an independent, co-educational, non-profit day school serving the international community of Central Switzerland by providing a comprehensive education from early years to university preparation, from ages 3 to 18. With their website redesign, visitors are greeted with colorful animation and photographs providing immediate engagement. The homepage tells a complete story and guides users to learn more. ISZL has a comprehensive Community Voices page so visitors can see the school from the eyes of various constituents including not only students, but also faculty, parents alumni and more: real stories making a real impact.


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beijing city international school homepage screenshot in iphone
beijing city international school homepage screenshot

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BCIS is a not-for-profit, independent, co-educational day school. BCIS acts as a pilot school offering education reform and innovation through international educational practices that incorporate 15 grades of schooling, from pre-school to grade 12. The school creatively and authentically implements the Chinese national curriculum through Early Childhood, and the Primary, Middle and IB Diploma Programs. When you land on this site, you are greeted by bold colors coupled with Chinese characters. The logo unifies the site with its creative placement in infographics and in the navigation. The mega navigation enables visitors to quickly find the information they desire while also encouraging them to take the next step and apply. This site also includes a comprehensive section showcasing their faculty and staff.

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esol education iphone
ESOL education homepage

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Esol Education, a Finalsite partner for over a decade, specializes in the establishment and management of high-quality international schools around the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with branch offices in Hong Kong, Cairo, and Nicosia, Esol Education currently serves over 10,000 students, operating a total of nine international schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Nicosia, and Aley. Visitors to the group website learn about their focus on attaining the highest standards of educational excellence and convey their ethos and atmosphere.Visitors can also visit each school’s site which showcases amazing photographs, infographics, and call-to-actions to engage even further.

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