Social Media Audit for Schools

Which posts get the most engagement? How do you compare to your competitors? Where should you focus your efforts?

We'll tell you! Let the trusted tech partner of more than 2,000 schools provide you with an analysis of your social media efforts, including:

  • A brand reputation analysis
  • A competitor analysis
  • An analysis of your social efforts to date
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • A one-on-one strategic consulting session where we discuss how to use our findings to build a roadmap to better social media engagement
  • Our Community Engagement Best Practices Guide for Schools

"Our social media audit produced the data I needed to move forward with several initiatives including launching a social media ad program that has produced AMAZING results so far this year. The audit showed us a number of things we are doing well and shined a light on several opportunities for growth. Once the audit was complete the folks at Finalsite helped me develop an affordable and measurable strategy to address the opportunities for growth."


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