SEO and PPC Services

Data-Driven Insights

We’ve spent hundreds of hours pouring over stats for school websites. We’ve also aggregated hundreds of sites’ stats into dozens of tightly-defined peer groups in order to determine “what’s normal” for school sites of different types. As a result, we are experts at translating your site’s historical usage patterns into changes that will improve the user experience, eliminate tasks with low value, and produce better results.
SEO and PPC Services

Connecting Tactics to Goals

Our consultants have deep work experience both on the web and in independent schools. We combine an understanding of how schools work with the humility to know that your particular situation is unique. We listen to your goals, we share our fresh perspective, and sometimes we ask tough questions about the emperor’s outfit. The end result is a site whose feature set and workflows can be connected back to the high-level strategic goals that empower the school to achieve its mission.

The Science & The Art

With quantitative data analysis and expert human counsel, Finalsite UK’s strategic guidance is both book smart and street smart. You benefit by being armed with both fact-based and common sense justifications for the decisions you make in a redesign process. That’s nice to have when you’re the most forward-thinking digital marketer in your organisation trying to take your site to the next level.

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