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A scalable software platform for all budgets.

Recruit students, help parents stay connected, and empower your staff to easily update content with premium communications products and tools.

Award-winning designers bringing your school to life online.

Schools love how Finalsite finds what makes them unique and translates that into an authentic digital experience.

School marketing experts at your service.

Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

Improve School-to-Home Communications with Password-protected Portals.

Portals provide a safe and secure place for your community to access information that's just for them on every device.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

A best-of-breed approach to give you the "all in one" solution you need.

We focus on the critical function of marketing and communication, while leveraging relationships and integrations with 70+ partners to provide a more seamless experience between the school and your constituents.

A team of 200, Finalsite has been serving schools worldwide for 20 years.

Our business has been for and about schools since the beginning, which is why 95% of clients stay with us year over year.

Save Time and Enhance Data Integrity

Our secure integrations with popular MIS providers mean you can replace timely manual data uploads with our automatic transfers for a seamless solution.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

Social Media Audit

Discover what you need to do in order to improve your social media presence.

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About the Audit

In this in-depth audit, you'll learn why certain posts get the most engagement, how your engagement rates compare with your competitors, as well as your strengths and weaknesses in general. By the end, you'll have a direct course of action on what you need to do to improve your presence.

4 Key Benefits of Your Social Media Audit

In-Depth Analysis

In the audit, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of how your brand is perceived on social media, the performance of your social media efforts to date, and a complete competitor analysis. For most schools, this report is more than 25 pages long.

Recommendations for Improvement

We won't leave you hanging with an analysis — our team of social media experts will provide helpful recommendations for improvement that are specific to your school's presence.

One-on-One Consulting

In addition to the analysis and recommendations, you will also have a one-on-one consulting call to discuss our findings — giving you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you'd like!

Exclusive Free e-Book

While Finalsite is known for its ibrary of free resources, with the purchase of this audit you'll receive our eBook Community Engagement Best Practices Guide for Schools — only available to those who purchase the audit!

Request Audit Info and Pricing

Whitfield School

"The Social Media Audit showed us a number of things we are doing well and shined a light on several opportunities for growth. More importantly, once the audit was complete the folks at Finalsite helped me develop an affordable and measurable strategy to address the opportunities for growth. When I presented our marketing and advertising strategy at a board meeting earlier this fall, our trustees and head of school responded with enthusiasm at the data-based decisions we are making as a result of the audit."

Becky Marsh, Director of Communications and Marketing
Whitfield School