An Improved Editing Experience

Composer’s modern interface makes building and editing website pages easy for website managers of all skill levels. With an intuitive WYSIWYG editor and drag and drop elements, you’ll be able to edit and build engaging pages in minutes.

As you edit, your changes are instantly reflected in the page editor, so what you see in Composer is what you’re going to see when your site goes live.

Intuitive Page Structure URLs

Intuitive Page Structure And URLs

Your website’s navigation dynamically reflects the structure your website. As you add, delete or drag and drop to re-order pages in your page list, your website’s navigation also changes without any extra effort from you.

Composer’s custom, user-friendly URLs are great for marketing. They’ll improve your SEO and are easy to remember — so they’re great for word of mouth marketing.

SEO Tools

Built-In SEO Tools

Search algorithms are complex, but Composer makes it simple for search engines to find you with built-in SEO settings. Customise page titles, meta descriptions and keywords to increase your exposure. We also offer hands-on Search Engine Marketing services to boost your organic search engine rankings and help you manage paid search campaigns.

Responsive Device Preview

Responsive Device Preview

Every website built on Composer is 100% responsive, meaning your site is optimised for all devices. With a built-in preview that shows what your site looks like on phones, tablets, phablets, desktops, and TV’s before you publish, you can be confident your site visitors have the same great experience, no matter their screen size.

Reusable Content and Banners

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Who has the time to go through every website page to make changes? With Composer’s shared elements, linked pages and banners, you’ll be able to make a update in a single location and publish it to multiple locations on your website. Great for campus maps, featured alumni and athletes of the week!

Custom Themes and Styling

Custom Themes And Styling

No coding expertise? No problem. Composer’s Themes manage your website's CSS and Javascript files for you. You'll have creative flexibility to update your site, while maintaining your school’s brand and unique design on every page.

Page Customization

Page Customisation

With composer, you have more options for customising your website’s pages and content than ever before. Select a Page Layout and your elements will intuitively organise themselves to fit within that layout. Then, using Page Layouts and Themes, you can transform each page from a blank canvas to an engaging multi-content page in just minutes.

Google Analytics Integration

Integration With Google Analytics

With every site we launch, we provide an integration with Google Analytics so that you can track page views, visits, traffic sources and conversions to learn about your site visitors, gain insights and continually improve content.

Integrated Modules

Dynamic, Up-To-Date Content

Do you use Finalsite Modules? You'll be able to make an edit in a single location, and watch information dynamically update on your website!

Modules are integrated Finalsite tools, designed to manage key school information such as biographical data, teams, calendars, and more. Certain page elements can be used to display the data generated by these modules. This Module data automatically feeds into Composer, meaning changes you make in a module will be instantly published to your website.

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