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Secure Communication

A Safe Place Online Built Just for Your Community

De-clutter your website and get connected to your community with Finalsite Portals. Portals provide a safe and secure place for stakeholders to access information that’s just for them — like permission slips, event dates, directories, and lunch menus at home and on the go. Flexible and packed with features, Portals are the most popular way to share school communications safely.

Paperless Communication

Paperless Communications and Notifications

Say good-bye to stacks of permission slips and expensive student handbooks. Portals give all your paper communications and resources a safe home with quick access that’s not on your public website — and you’ll eliminate clutter on your desk and on your website.

Personalized Content

Personalised and Organised Content

Portals simplify targeted communications and marketing. You can personalise news, calendars, and even announcements for each stakeholder group, meaning Portals will only have the information they actually want to see.

Dynamic Social Feeds

Give portals some spirit by adding social feeds. Since Portals allow for personalised content, you’ll be able to pull in specific social feeds you want your stakeholders to see —like an alumnus’s twitter account for the alumni portal.

Provide Targeted Content for Each Group

Your stakeholders want to know: What's for lunch? When's the play? Where's that form? How can I reach a teacher? So make that information — and so much more — easy to access in an environment that’s personal, and secure. Click through below to learn how our different types of portals are useful for different constituent groups.

Student Portals

Combine Portals with Finalsite LMS to transform your learning landscape. Portals provide immediate access to homework assignments, due dates, classroom notifications and more, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your studies.

Faculty and Staff

Like any organisation, keeping departments connected and communicating can be a challenge. With the faculty portal you can create a system that not only connects departments but also gets them sharing and collaborating. We’ve seen faculty start department pages to buy and sell items, collaborate about lessons, and so much more! A secure faculty portal allows you to store the information or documents that faculty need to do their jobs and with SSO, can provide a single entry into all of your internal systems.

Faculty and Staff

Parent Portal

Using Portals you can create and post content specifically for parents in a "one stop shop" format. Combine calendars, resources, news, classroom content, directory information and so much more into a single view for secure, quick access.

Your Whole School

While personalising communications for individuals is important, sometimes your messages are for all constituents no matter their role. Post school-wide notices and information while maintaining security in the portal.

Your Whole School


Once they leave the hallways of your school, staying connected with Alumni can be a challenge. Using an alumni portal, you can transform your website to be “the place” to come back to, to connect with classmates, stay in touch with faculty, and reminisce of their days in campus.

Mix memories and function with photo slideshows or videos, while providing easy ways to update their contact information and connect with other alumni.

Board Members

Go beyond meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and memos by creating a multi-purpose and secure online boardroom.

Showcase how the technology you implement at your school can make you more efficient by making your Board more efficient with the use of a portal! Resources and notes or committee communications can all be managed online through your school website.

Portals provide accepted students with a place to meet one another, start online discussions, download forms, access directory information and even enroll online. Accepted students and families will love the open communication and self-serve, safe community that makes decision-making easy.

New Student

Portals simplify your school's communications.

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