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A scalable software platform for all budgets.

Recruit students, help parents stay connected, and empower your staff to easily update content with premium communications products and tools.

Award-winning designers bringing your school to life online.

Schools love how Finalsite finds what makes them unique and translates that into an authentic digital experience.

School marketing experts at your service.

Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

Improve School-to-Home Communications with Password-protected Portals.

Portals provide a safe and secure place for your community to access information that's just for them on every device.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

A best-of-breed approach to give you the "all in one" solution you need.

We focus on the critical function of marketing and communication, while leveraging relationships and integrations with 70+ partners to provide a more seamless experience between the school and your constituents.

A team of 200, Finalsite has been serving schools worldwide for 20 years.

Our business has been for and about schools since the beginning, which is why 95% of clients stay with us year over year.

Save Time and Enhance Data Integrity

Our secure integrations with popular MIS providers mean you can replace timely manual data uploads with our automatic transfers for a seamless solution.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall
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Marketing and Communications Software for Schools

A suite of school-specific modules designed to make life easier for you and your community.

Simple tools for improving marketing, communications and engagement.

Your school has goals, and we have the tools in place to help you meet them. Whether you want to improve your search performance, curate more content, craft stunning email newsletters, or increase donations, Finalsite's suite of school-specific modules makes it easy to market your school to increase enrolment and retention.

Finalsite Modules

Finalsite's modules have been carefully tested, developed and improved to create the most useful and powerful tools for school marketing and communications.


Email Marketing

Craft responsive, targeted emails that look great on every device.

Learn More about Email Marketing for Schools


Share the latest news and updates with a simple content management tool.

Learn More About News Manager


A robust content sharing platform for schools that makes it easy for all community members to contribute.

Learn More About Blogs 

Page Pops

Attract attention to important messages with targeted PagePops.

Learn More About Page Pops

Online School Store

Increase school store revenue with an online store.

Learn More About Online School Store

Digital Publications

Easily create and manage beautiful online publications by repurposing content.

Learn More About Digital Publications 


Simplified calendar management for schools.

Learn More About Calendars

Digital Asset Management

A tool to organise, store, and display photos, videos, and files.

Learn More About Digital Asset Management 

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media accounts directly onto your website in an engaging mash-up.

Learn More About Social Media Integration

Teacher Pages

A simplified information-sharing experience for teachers and families.

Learn More About Teacher Pages

Carpool Maps

Connect your on-the-go community with an interactive directory.

Learn More About Carpool Maps

Advanced Search

Take your users’ search experience to the next level with a smart search experience.

Learn More About Advanced Search


Store, manage and organise constituent data that integrates with your SIS/MIS.

Learn More About Directories

Subscribed Notifications

Real-time notifications to keep your constituents and stakeholders informed.

Learn More About Subscribed Notifications

Online Forms

Collect donations, enquiries, payments, event registrations and more.

Learn More About Online Forms 

Online Payments

Offer secure online transactions to boost donations and simplify payments for parents.

Learn More About Online Payments


Promote your athletics and sports community and keep fans in-the-know.

Learn More About Athletics

Event Management

Organise and administer events of all sizes.

Learn More About Event Management

"We brought in $31,000 in sales from 681 transactions and 1,400 total items sold using Finalsite's Commerce Manager. This would not be possible if we could only use the on-campus store. Our campus store is only open two days a week, but the online school store allows the greater community to purchase when it is most convenient for them."

Colleen Adams, Director of Marketing and Communications
Fairfield College Preparatory School


"We've received really positive feedback from parents and staff. eNotify makes reading the newsletter so much more fluid. People can just open the stories and click to read the stories of their choice."

Jessica Cotton 
Director of Marketing and External Relations

"Forms Manager provides a simple and streamlined approach to online giving that makes it easier for our team and our donors."

Sally Zabel, Manager of Outreach and Partnerships
TJ Scholarship Fund

"We used Posts to turn our PDF curriculum guide into a web page. We were impressed by the functionality, visual and aesthetic design with Posts. It simply works and made sense for what we were hoping to accomplish."

Zaw Lyn, Associate Director of Communications
Maret School

"One of our goals for our bicentennial is to provide opportunity for our constituents to share their stories, recollections and what makes them grateful to be part of the SLUH community. Our digital solution was Finalsite Posts because it allows contributors to write or post as much content — such as text, photos and video — as they'd like. Post's design and interface provides exceptional functionality for both the viewer and user."

Ben DuMont, Director of Communications
St. Louis University High School

“By adding Feeds to our website we could generate an influencer marketing concept from the ground up. Feeds gave us the tools to not only create a social media strategy but to bring our community together. We can now combine our social media and web strategies giving our families cohesive and up-to-date information. Feeds is an excellent way to keep your social media in the moment, while delivering content to targeted audiences.”

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications for Web and Social Media
Choate Rosemary Hall

"There are many tools that we can utilise to showcase the variety of activities taking place across the school in real time. Posts enables us to provide more detailed information on school activities, events and announcements, and we can include photo galleries and videos. This gives our visitors a real insight into what it is like to be part of the Tanglin community."

Caroline Patterson, Content Producer
Tanglin Trust School


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