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A scalable software platform for all budgets.

Recruit students, help parents stay connected, and empower your staff to easily update content with premium communications products and tools.

Award-winning designers bringing your school to life online.

Schools love how Finalsite finds what makes them unique and translates that into an authentic digital experience.

School marketing experts at your service.

Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

Improve School-to-Home Communications with Password-protected Portals.

Portals provide a safe and secure place for your community to access information that's just for them on every device.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

A best-of-breed approach to give you the "all in one" solution you need.

We focus on the critical function of marketing and communication, while leveraging relationships and integrations with 70+ partners to provide a more seamless experience between the school and your constituents.

A team of 200, Finalsite has been serving schools worldwide for 20 years.

Our business has been for and about schools since the beginning, which is why 95% of clients stay with us year over year.

Save Time and Enhance Data Integrity

Our secure integrations with popular MIS providers mean you can replace timely manual data uploads with our automatic transfers for a seamless solution.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall
Finalsite App home screen on an iPhone X in a hand

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Keep Your School Community Updated On-The-Go.

Offer a personalised mobile app experience with dynamic content from your website.

The average adult spends nearly four hours of their day on their smartphones, with more than 80 percent of that time spent in apps. Match that growing demand with a personalised mobile experience for your constituents with our newly redesigned mobile app for Android and iOS. The app automatically populates with content pulled from your responsive website and user-based filtering options to create a truly custom app-browsing experience.

Example of an Events list view in The Finalsite App

With The Finalsite App, you can:

  • Publish content automatically from your Finalsite modules to your app using Create Once, Publish Everywhere (C.O.P.E.) functionality
  • Navigate with intuitive tap and scroll-based navigation
  • Allow users to filter content so they only see what they're interested in 
  • Customise the home screen with school logos and colours, news pulled from Posts, and upcoming events pulled from Calendar Manager
  • Send topic-based notifications using the Messages module
  • Login with Portal accounts to access private calendars, faculty and staff directories; images, files, and docs; and blogs and news content
  • Allow users to select individual schools in a district so they only see content from the schools relevant to them


Explore The Finalsite App

User-based Content Filtering

The Finalsite App is a one-stop-shop for constituents to find all the information and content they need with the option to filter content down to only show what each user is interested in. 

Preferences are stored on the user's device for repeated visits. Login is not required for the app to remember user preferences.

Filter Events option for The Finalsite App

Posts: News and Blogs

View blogs and news content created in Posts in a list view ordered from newest to oldest posts with thumbnails and titles. Click on each post in the list view to see the post with a larger thumbnail and the complete post text. External posts like PDF documents and external websites open in the user's mobile browser. 

Schools select which boards appear in the list view, while users can filter posts by board to only see content they are interested in. Preferences are stored on the user's mobile device for future visits. 

Example of the list view of Posts in The Finalsite App

Constituent Directories

Select Roles to determine which constituents appear in the Directory list view. Users can scroll through the Directory list and tap each profile to view more detailed information like name, title, email, phone number, a bio, and a thumbnail image, all pulled from that profile in Constituent Manager. 

Constituent profiles are protected based on Constituent Manager’s privacy settings. Users need to login to their Portal account to view and access protected or private information.

Example of a Directory profile in The Finalsite App

Multimedia Resources

Schools can select specific galleries created in the Resources module to appear in the Resources menu of The Finalsite App. Use galleries to show photos of the campus and students, videos to show sports highlights, and release forms and documents for parents to view and download in the device’s PDF reader. 

Navigate between multiple galleries with just a few taps on the screen. Select individual images or videos to open in a larger view on the mobile device’s native image or video player. Users can share or save any downloaded image, video and form or document.

Example of a grid view of images in the Resources menu of The Finalsite App

Messages-based Notifications

Send topic-based notifications to app users, composed in the Messages module. Use the same mailing-list to send notifications to a person’s email and app at the same time. Users can choose to subscribe and unsubscribe from topic-based-lists for notifications.

Send notifications for weather updates, schedule changes, community event reminders, and school-specific announcements for districts.

Example of a notification sent to mobile app users built in the Messages module

Calendars and Upcoming Events

Select calendars to display events from the lunch calendar, vacation calendar, upper and lower school calendars, and any other calendars created in Calendar Manager. Events displayed in the Events section of the app are distinct from calendars selected to show on the app’s home screen. 

Events are color-coded using Calendar Manager’s built-in colors. Tap on each event to open a more detailed view that lists event-specific information such as the event’s title. time and date, location, event type, and any other supplementary information necessary for each event. 

Users can filter events using the same color-coding from the list view to see only those events that they are interested in. Preferences are stored for future visits.

Example of an Events list view in The Finalsite App

Create Custom Links

Create additional custom links housed in the app’s More menu with custom titles and urls for each link. Users can tap each of the additional links to open the link in the device’s browser. 

Use the additional custom links to provide quick and easy access from within the app to any pages on your website or an external website. Custom links are perfect for payment forms, handbooks, the school’s social media accounts, and any external student information system (SIS) integration, learning management system (LMS), food services, and student account systems.

Example of additional custom links in The Finalsite App

Portal Logins

Constituent users can login through their Portal account using any existing Finalsite-supported authentication methods. The Finalsite App uses privacy settings that have been configured in other modules, so there is no extra configuration needed for app support. 

Portal account logins can be used to provide private and protected access to constituent roles and profile fields, Calendars, Resources, and Posts.

Example of a Portal login screen for constituents using The Finalsite App

Locations for MATs

Constituent users can personalise and filter content on a school-by-school basis for MATs to only show what is relevant to them based on which school(s) their children attend. This filter applies to all other sections of the app - such as events sections - to only show parents what is happening at their children’s school(s).

Example of notification and location preferences in The Finalsite App

Download a Recording of the Mobile App Webinar

Download this on-demand webinar recording to watch as Product Manager Alex Wack walks you through the new and improved Finalsite Mobile App. Learn how your school can automatically publish content to the app with our Compose Once, Publish Everywhere content modules, and how your school can match the growing demand for a convenient and personalized mobile browsing experience with user-based content filtering options.